[GB] Trippy Trip deskpads | The first collection from deskpads gallery

Peter from deskpads.gallery here. :wink:

I’m happy to show you our first collection - Trippy Trip! :100:
Let’s begin the trippy trip on your desk!

Check the collection here: https://deskpads.gallery/
(first three designs)

Acid race

What the f***?

Night thoughts


  • 900x400x4mm (4mm thickness)
  • stitched edges
  • vibrant colors
  • rubber base & smooth, cloth top

24.99 USD
24.99 EUR
19.99 GBP
34.99 AUD
34.99 SGD
31.99 CAD

After the GB the prices for these deskpads will be much higher. (~30%)

GB dates: July 11, 2022 – July 31, 2022
Estimated shipping date: September 2022

Big shoutout to Slavko Kahovsky for creating these amazing artworks!

Thank you so much & have a great day!

PS deskpads.gallery is my second project, after making hundreds of Mechfashion sleeves for the community it’s time to try something new. :smiley:
PS2 Because it’s our first collection, please use this 20% promo code: WELCOME20! :wink:


Hmm, not big on deskpads but I really dig these designs for umm, reasons… :face_with_peeking_eye: :rofl:

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we’re all blue in a living submarine, living submarine

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