GB Updates n Tings - Bacca70, DSS Afterschool Ortho, DCS Paperwork

Hey Keebtalk Keebfam!

Davis here, owner of 3DKeebs . I’ve missed yall! I’ve been MIA for the last few months recovering from a pretty bad ankle break, but I’m on the mend and have some things coming for the 4th quarter that i’m pretty excited for.

These are the highlights!

Bacca70 GB ENDS TONIGHT - there is a bit of sticker shock (sh*t be expensive B) , but thats what “pay in 4” options are for. If you know anything about the Bacca/Squid Series you know this is a SOLID BOARD. It’l be ya one of ya favs!

DSS Afterschool 40s/Ortho is still LIVE - we hit MOQ and are going for gold on this! RUN IT UP!

Bacca60 PC - The keebs just landed, we are still waiting for case & PCBs but I expect these to begin shipping out By End of Oct/Nov!

DCS Paperwork - RENDERS ARE COMPLETE !!! Kitting is Finalized. My Discord has the deets! I plan to kick of the GB 10/9!!! Gurd ya loins and ya wallets - Fun Fact: Base will be $125 shoutout to Dededecline, Pwade, 3DKeebs Discord, Bregoli, Lizcuits, Evangs AKA Trashman for all the Help getting this ready

Our Villager BIG ASS MOUSPAD is in-stock and shipping daily- My Animal Crossing Fans gon love it!

In-stock: I usually do a full rundown of in-stock stuff but I’m being lazy not to mention the store has been running on autopilot, - more u4ts are coming, Durock stabs, I got peach bags - Go scour the site and find something good my friends!!

Thank You all for the support! Shoutout to @Deadeye! I saw your DM! we good money G!

Love & Thockiness


As much as I like DCS Paperwork, I’m holding out for a DSS run. The DSA legends of the original really work well with the set’s colors, and it would be amazing in a sculpted profile. I hope the set does well regardless.

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