[GB] V4N4G0N - Gaming inspired MiniVan

Hi Keebtalkers!

I have a small GB running for a new board that I designed called the V4N4G0N. It is essentially a MiniVan using the jetvan layout with a half number row. This has been a board I’ve had in my mind for some time. I found myself using a 60% occasionally during gaming and decided to make a MiniVan that would cure that problem XD.

All the details are on the GB form https://forms.gle/LSzYLsbEuZDQAoQCA

There are currently 5 spots available.

Some notable features:

  • 4 degree angle
  • Compression mount system
  • FR4 plates
  • Brass mid layer with clear cerakote
  • Kit includes a plate for each layout and 2 PCBs

Production for the parts began last month and are expected to complete near the end of this month.




Nice job! I hope this gets the attention it deserves.

Going forward, are you going to continue working with TKC? It’d be nice to see stuff like JSpacers and more pet projects like this end up with them.

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thank you! Yes, all the large runs of stuff is going to go through TKC. I’ve sent a bunch of JSpacers to them, not sure when they will go up on the site. If there is demand to run any of my smaller projects on a large scale they will go through TKC. Now that I’m not running a business I can focus on the creative side of things again and this is the second project to come out of that. The first was the JetVan pcb which will be available from TKC soon. I’ve got a case I’ve been working on that will follow V4N4G0N.


Hrmmm, I’m torn.

I like the design as such, especially the non-rectangular top, having separate indicator LEDs in the case, and the T3 Westi on the PCB.

But I’m still unsure about that additional row. I’m not really a gamer (mostly adventures or strategy games, and I don’t use WASD for the few ancient FPS I occasionally play, e.g. Doom) and the only key I currently would put there would be an Escape key… And maybe -_, +=, [{, and ]}. Any renders with keycaps to get more of an idea how that is intended to look like?

I also got used to the RGB leds of the MiniVan and encoding things in different positions and different colors. Which seems not possible here.

And what keycap set would be fitting colorwise to black and brass as there seem no other color options? Surely needs to be a dark one, but I can’t imagine that e.g. GMK SkIIdata does fit colorwise. Maybe that MG Ember GB I joined a few months ago on Massdrop? But I currently have no idea if that keycap set has MiniVan compatibility. Would have to dig up that detail…

Also: Does the “PayPal email” field in the form imply that I need a PayPal account for joining that group buy? Or is it just the field for an arbitrary e-mail address that will be passed to PayPal for sending me the invoice?

Maybe I should just wait for the JetVan PCB to show up in the TKC online shop.

Nevertheless, I need more MiniVan cases, preferably metal ones. :slight_smile: A @Keyboardbelle MiniVan case would be nice, though, too. But I’m spoilt for choice there (beside current availability). :slight_smile:


This isnt a render, but from the 40s discord this is what the layout looks like with caps


Thanks! Looks better than imagined. :slight_smile:

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aw man, this is cool.

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thank you, this is the nicest case I’ve ever designed. I’m super happy with how it turned out

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Shame I missed this. Looking to buy one.

@evangs - does this support any split space layouts or just the layout pictured?

Hard to tell from the picture, does this work out to exactly 13 units across? Because, if so, I might make an ortho pcb with your permission and sufficient interest.

it’s same as a MiniVan 12.75. I’d love to see an ortho version of this layout though.

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there is a 2 x 200u split space layout supported.

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I know this GB is over. And I know that I don’t really miss any keys up there — maybe because I’m not really a gamer. (Ok, having Escape and ~ as separate keys would be nice, but that still leaves five additional keys.) I’d rather would like to have one or two additional columns…

But I nevertheless still like this design (it really reminds me of a Westi with a stepped elevating roof :smile:), I like MiniVan keyboards and I like exotic layouts. So I wonder now if I should join a GB just in case this model is run again sometime later. (Or if I should even ask if there will be a second run. :smile:)

I mean, there are even third party cases, plates and foams for this keyboard. So it must have been kinda popular. :slight_smile:

every kit came with 2 pcbs so everyone is wanting to build out the extra. I also ordered a few extra pcbs and put them up for sale earlier this week. They are of course sold out. I am looking at open sourcing the pcb. no second run by me is planned at this time. I’m currently working on a new board called the garbage truck


:joy: :joy:

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This explains the third-party cases very well. :slight_smile:

Where could I’ve seen that? Checked at least Keebtalk and Reddit and found nothing.

40s discord