[GB] Velocifire x Fok64 60% Keyboard kit (CNC Case, QMK PCB, CNC Plate)

Hi Guys,

Here are the details of the GB. Please check and fill in this form to join. Details of the Keyboard kit and PBT keycaps can be found at the Website .
More Pictures : https://imgur.com/a/HUEsios


Aluminum 6063

5° Angle

Interface: USB Type C

Case Color: Midnight Blue /Pearl White

CNC Production and Electrophoresis process(Pearl White)

Case Dimensions: 11.96x 4.69 x (0.91-1.22) in 30.375 x 11.925x (2.3-3.1)cm

Battery Slot Dimensions : 11.73cm x 6.95cm x 3mm


Compatible with GH60



QMK Firmware

Supports MX switches( high profile switches only)

Requires PCB mounted stabilizers

ANSI layout


Dimensions:28cm*x9.5cm x1.5mm

MOQ: 50


Aluminum material

Color: Black

The thickness of 1.5 mm


Dimensions:28.7cm x 9.1cm x1.5mm


Price (excluding Paypal fees + shipping):

– Base Kit (Case +Plate+PCB) - $170USD/kit

– Case -$120USD/case

International Shipping Fee :


$40 USD/Base Kit(Case+PCB+Plate)

20% off on total shipping fee for two or more cases (FedEx or DHL,etc.)

GB Opens: April 1, 2020 - April 27, 2020.

Collecting payment: April 21 - April 28, 2020

Note: We will send out invoices from the Velocifire website system to collect payment once MOQ is met. If we cannot reach MOQ, we will contact you to see what other possibilities there can be.

Estimated Delivery: July 2020

If you have any questions, please feel free to comment.

Worst and most obvious April Fools joke ever. The photochop of the dark key caps is hilarious!

Updated, only keyboard kit

I’m kind of confused. The google form says that it’s open until the 27th but this says that it ended on the 20th. I’m a little interested, I might still idk if it’s too late.

Until the 27th