[GB] VN Kit & CS Kit - SA profile Keycaps

Good day.
It’s the Group Buy for SP’s SA VN kit and CS kits.

Google Form: https://goo.gl/YhSW1p

Double-shot made by Signature Plastics in the USA

SA family profile

Semi-matte finish surface

Deadline for order and payment is March-31-2019.
Keycaps expected to be produced in December 2019.
Shipping cost will be calculated and invoiced separately.


Orders will be shipped from Vietnam.
Shipping fee should be invoiced SEPARATELY by ME after your order has been sorted, packaged and is ready for shipping.

I will provide the most suitable shipping method that secure and with fair price.

There are normal shipping option (by Post System just like USPS), and EMS/FEDEX/SF Express... option (express service with trackable & traceable number) for everyone to choose.

Handling & materials fee ~$3 also will be added to the total amount of shipping fee.


Deadline for order & payment is 31 March 2019.

The keycaps are expected to be made on December 2019.

You will receive two invoices. One is for the key caps. The other is for the shipping fee. The invoice for keycaps will be sent to you after you fill the Order form (possibly 2-3 days delay). And you will be charged for shipping fee when your order's ready for shipping.

I will prepare some replacements for the faulty keys. Please be patient while I'm trying to help resolving the problem with your keyset if there's any. If anything bad happens to the package while on transit, I'm afraid I can NOT do much about it. So please choose your shipping method wisely.

I will send invoice through Paypal to everyone, so you need a VERIFIED Paypal account to receive, and to pay. Also please check the information carefully before submitting your order. There will be paypal fee added to the price.

If you want to make changes to your order, please fill a new Form, or send me a PM.

The buy is CLOSED now. Thanks for joining this buy!

I’m going to place the order today, more info will come after.

Have a good day!