[GB] Wonderland PCB & Lubrigante Acrylic Case - Open Now

Feel free to join us on Discord if you have any questions: https://discord.gg/qYKyJHr

The Wonderland PCB and the Lubrigante Acrylic Case Kit Group Buy is opening for everyone:

$44 for a PCB and $68 for a clean acrylic case!*

You can find any further details on the GB form: https://forms.gle/V4YCsGoxYWUvY4UF7

Please, please, please read the description to answer all your questions ahead of selecting any options!**

Starts: NOW!

Ends: 1 Week from NOW or when a limit is reached where I think it does not get out of control. (~100 kits)

Estimated delivery: Around end of next month (may) if the keeb gods shine bright on us.***

* plus Shipping & PayPal fees
** Seriously, read it!
*** Worst case end of June, you know how it goes… lets just say I have no trust in customs.


Hey, I filled out the GB form a few hours ago, but homerowco said on Reddit that the GB had sold out three times over by then. Does that mean the remaining, over-ordered units will be cancelled, or will more units be made? Thanks!

He said on Reddit that he was going to work on them in batches.

already in!

@yalox “three times over” is a saying I use, that does not mean it actually sold out 3x :smiley: - otherwise what @Alec said is correct, we will send it in batches

I’m in, hoping for a black pcb. otherwise i’ll just stickerbomb the pcb.
and will ether go for a frosted or uv red case depending or the pictures from the prototypes.
will probably use cream switches lubed with pfte power for the build.

I’m really liking my quefrency split keyboard so far and am intrigued how much the spacing between the q and w column throws me off.

Will the PCB be open-sourced or sold separately from the case?

You can buy the PCB without a case in this GB. Just can’t buy a case without a PCB.

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Excited to see the neon green and red protos! Offtopic question, what keyset is the demo picture above? Looks like GMK mimimal with grey modifiers.



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