[GB] XDA Oblique Groupbuy is Live

July 6-August 5





US - Dixie Mech
Europe - MyKeyboard.eu
Canada - MechKeys.ca
China & everywhere else - zFrontier



I’m in for this one. I’m excited to be part of a Dixie Mech GB for once! :heart:

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I’m beyond excited Garrett

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Shut up and take my money already!
My vortex core is my only board with stock caps still on it and this is the set I’ve been waiting for.

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Thanks for the support! Im attempting to fix the images, but it aint cooperating. Sorry about the ugly boring post lol


Learning curve for making a new post. :wink: I edited my first many times before I got it working right. Haha.

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The website is also really unstable right now, but it’s settling down more as time goes on.

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How dare you call them beautiful keys ugly? lol

Damn. I’ll have to wait a bit before I join this one. A few kits are enroute.

Looks amazing man!! Good luck with the GB! :smiley:

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Yeah I’m totally in, it’s a bit gorgeous. And that forties compat :eyes:


I do like the look for sure. I just wish we had some other profiles to choose from. Maybe we could get something like MIX or one of the new profiles being developed (novelkeys or hub) for v2.

I just recently got my first XDA set and I’m not using it much. It feels VERY similar to G20. XDA is quite a bit less concave than DSA, for reference. You don’t notice the contour of the keycap at all and it feels flat. It’s fine, but it’s not a pleasing to use as other options out there.

Looks are deceiving on XDA, people. It doesn’t cup your fingers like it appears to in the images, unfortunately.

Also, warping on larger keys is pretty bad. XDA doesn’t use any kind of internal keycap support to help with warping or structure (cross bars coming off the stem). There will have to be a lot of QC to weed out what I would guess to be a significant portion of the 2u+ size keycaps.

Will it run for the whole month or something like 14 days?

Definitely gonna get 5 or 6 kits! :+1:

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Ends August 5th.

Such a great set!

What’s the deal with the m0110 set though? Doesn’t seem explained very well to me

Thanks for the reply.
Maybe I’m getting two whole sets then :sunglasses:

Love the set, but unfortunately I just can’t justify buying Compatibilities for a single key (1.5u Backspace) :frowning:

Wish ya the best of luck for sure! Perhaps there’ll be a r2 as someone mentioned prior.

I believe you will be able to add it to your Modern M0110 order to be shipped with your board.

I see. Thanks for the clarification.

Maybe @NecromanX or @NecrowomanX can clear it up in case anyone has the same question as me

Done! Ordered bunch of kits.

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The m0110 kit is an exception kit in that it is only allowed to buy it together with that keyboard. This is done to avoid people buying this set over the two other alpha and modifier kits. The reason this kit exists is because the original M0110 had these typical AEK keycaps and everyone involved felt like it would be a good addition for people who want to recreate the Apple M0110 experience.