[GB] XENO | 75% Custom Keyboard

A meticulously crafted PVD plate designed hand-in-hand with the tasteful black & copper PCB for increased flex lends itself to an experience so , that you will get even more #feelios from your V2 Zealios and Zilents.
Enter Xeno.

Do you fancy half plates, or prefer a more traditional full plate? The choice is yours, simply click below two images to view the product page.

Early Bird Special: $40 off your XENO order with discount code “EARLYBIRD”. Valid until Dec 2, 2018, 23:59PST.

Half Plate | Silver | Rose Gold PVD - Starting from $460

Full Plate | Purple | Silver PVD - Starting from $460

Renders with Keycaps on


  • XENO Black & Silver Storage Box
  • XENO 75% Aluminum Keyboard Kit
  • XENO Special Edition Black & Copper PCB for increased feelios
  • 1.5mm PVD & Hand Polished Brass Plate
  • PVD & Hand Polished Brass Weight
  • 1x 6.25u OR 7u, 3x 2u Zeal Screw-in Stabilizers (mention preference in checkout notes). Default is 6.25u if no comment.
  • Custom 3M Bumpons
  • Matching accent screws to your PVD Brass Plate / Weight
  • You have the option to add 85x Zealios/Zilents/Tealios/Healios to your order for +$60 (Zealios V2 & Tealios), or +$70 (Zilents V2 & Healios).


  • USB C
  • QMK Compatible
  • Black & Copper Aesthetics PCB by Wilba
  • Factory Soldered SMD Parts
  • ANSI Full Plate. WK & WKL Only
    (1.25/1.25/1.25/6.25/1.25/1.25/gap/1/1/1) OR (1.5/1/1.5/7/1.5/gap/1/1/1)
  • Regular/Stepped Caps Lock Support
  • Split Backspace Support

Total kit weight before PCB: ~2.4kg

Case Color Options:

Brass Color Options:
Rose Gold PVD
Silver PVD
Black PVD

GB Open:November 26, 2018 to February 15, 2019, 23:59 PST.
Estimated shipping time frame is April-May, 2019 due to Chinese New Year Holidays during February. This also allows customers to recover from the Christmas Holiday spending.

Please note that any order changes to the XENO will require a full cancellation of the kit in order to properly keep track of inventory. Any applicable early bird discounts will be forfeited.


any pics of the purple case?

The second picture has the purple case. Zeal would need to weigh in on how colour accurate it is though.

Second pic is dark purple. Depending on monitor calibration, it can look close to dark blue, but testing with the eye drop tool in mspaint, it is in the purple spectrum.

In person the purple is a very dark purple. Ambient lighting can also affect the tone as well.

strange, the 2nd picture isn’t loading for me, all I see is the silver and the renders

Are the three LEDs in a triangle formation indicator LEDs or just a stylistic thing?

There is a smd rgb led underneath


Any updates now that it’s June? I’m trying to figure out if I need to send in a shipping address change. Thanks

June 10 update:
WT75-A PCBs finished, on hand.

Custom cables for the Xeno PCB to daughterboard on hand.

A few PVD parts need to be redone, this may delay fulfillment by 1-2 weeks from the manufacturer. Current ETA end of June.
Small Acrylic Xeno LED diffuser still cutting, almost done, shipping to us soon.

@PoochZag Reply to your order confirmation or send a contact form to arrange any address changes. Thank you.

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