General Artisan Information

I own a plethora of keycap sets, but only a handful of artisans.

I’m not saying I want to start collecting artisans (I mean… maybe I am), but I am definitely interested in looking at what is out there.

Is there a good resource for learning about vendors/makers? Like, if I wanted to go and look through some artisans, where would I go?

Any advice?


Don’t do it!
But if you do, get the ones that had a collaboration with the keycaps you have.


I think I’d like to get into some artisans if only for the cases / holders like the NRD Nest. It seems like most commissions are in a theme or culture I know little about, so do not have nearly the appreciation I probably should for them.

Like you said on the collabs for keysets - that might be the ticket for my intro, and a good reminder. My mind always goes to the carved / molded artisans - and it’s kinda like art on someone else’s wall - I like your choices for you - but have no idea what to look for or choose for my own.

Keycap Archivist , Artisan Collector, & The Hatchery are all great sites that keep tabs on most artisan makers & what they have released. Also most artisan makers will have their own websites too. Between the archiving sites & the makers personal sites there shouldn’t be much you can’t find about artisan caps. Also may god have mercy on your wallet! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



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