Geo: Add Wireless to Your Custom Keyboard (1)

The goal of Geo is to provide custom keyboard users and builders with an easy way to add a wireless connection to their keyboards. With Geo it could never be easier - just plug in and play, connecting with any keyboard. Geo was created with universal compatibility in mind so that it is not only usable, due to its high denominator design and supplementation with adapters, but looks pleasing to the eye and always sits flush with your keyboard.

All the information are on Kickstarter.


The project name is “Geo: Make Your Keyboard Wireless” on Kickstarter

We designed a completely new adaptors so that it can directly attach to the aluminum body to allow for a sleeker fit. We use a screw mechanism to provide the most support.

We also have a retro styled design coming soon exclusive for Kickstarter backers. You will be able to pick the color/style after the campaign is over.

As for the colors, we currently have plans have (space grey, rose gold, and silver) please join our discord to run votes and tell us the colors you would want to see for Geo.

We will also run polls on what kind of adapters you guys want. Incase some people want a Micro or Mini USB. We can also do that.


Q. Will Geo Damage my PCB?

We designed it to fit into your keyboard so that it uses your keyboard case as support. In addition, our new design it allows for tilt functionality so that Geo can tilt up to 60 degrees to rest its weight on the desk.

Q. Why are we using Kickstarter? And why aren’t there any reviews?

We are using Kickstarter to help us to get into the mass production stage. Right Now, we are limited by the number of prototypes we can produce that’s why we need your help to get to the next production stage.

Q. When do I get charged for my pledge?

You’re only charged if the project meets its funding goal by the campaign deadline. June 30th.

Q. Why is the price high?

Geo can turn your keyboard fully wireless. It also provides QMK. VIA support. To do that we need a big battery, high quality electronics and an aluminum body to have that protective layer.

To add one more point, the more people participate in our Kickstarter, the lower we can drop the price. The more we can produce, the cheaper they can become to manufactory.

We got amazing support from this Subreddit and you guys gave us amazing feedback, thank you so much for your support and feedback on Geo. If you have any ideas we’d love to listen. So join our discord!

We’ll keep everyone updated on Discord. Including when reviews are ready!