Getting in touch with zFrontier/Keyreative

Hey, does anyone have a good way of getting in contact with someone over at zFrontier/Keyreative to talk about running a new keyset? I sent emails but can’t seem to get a response.


@IndianaJones might be able to help!

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Glad to help:)

zFrontier is the exclusive partner with Keyreative in developing several new profiles and running GBs.
You can also PM my colleague ScrambledEggz#5118 on Discord. Thanks!

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Ok great thanks, I’ll send a message on Discord if that is the best place! I heard about the new profiles, a lot of people seemed interested in KAM so I’m hoping to work with you guys to produce something using that one :slight_smile:

Just messaged him, looking forward to hearing back, thanks for the help!