GIve Kailh brown (non-box) a try

Give them a try and see what you think. I like them enough that I came here to tell you to about them :slight_smile:

The tactility is short and slightly rounded and starts at the very top. The tactility decreases with fast typing, but doesn’t completely disappear like the pro purple.

The spring is also surprisingly different from traditional brown switches. The bottom out weight is heavier, allowing you to type without bottoming out fairly easily.

I also appreciate the sound of these switches. They are somewhat dampened with hardly any ping. The overall feel of the switch is pleasantly smooth as well.

It’s worth noting that the non-box and box variants are quite different in feel. I strongly prefer the non-box version.


If it is brown: IT MUST GO DOWN!

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but seriously, I’ve typed a lot on cherry brown. I like them, but I certainly can feel that they have issues. I’ve tried greetech brown (which feel very poopy, indeed, to me). Gateron brown are basically linears. But these are something quite apart from those variants of poop.

Interesting. I have tried non-BOX Kailh Browns, which felt like regular old MX Browns with even less tactility, so I didn’t think much about them. However, the Kailh Coppers, which many people associate with browns, are pretty tactile! I have had them on a Pok3r, and they felt very tactile. With the two switches in hand, the Coppers actually feel tactile, while the Browns felt linear. I’ll definitely check out the BOX Browns though, especially if they are lubed stock.

Coppers are really nice to type on. Browns are less interesting in my opinion.

personally i don’t like them, its one of the worst switches i’ve typed on :v

I wonder if there is a difference in Kailh browns out there. I think the old ones had a black bottom. The ones I’m using are from Novelkeys and have the newer white bottom.

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I think you may be right, all the Kailh browns I have seen for sale have been labeled Kaihua browns & had all black housings. Also with them really stepping up there other switch lines it only makes sense that they would revamp their regular lineup as well.

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Many of the less popular Kailh switches often seem to be quite good compared to the usual Cherry variants, like I happen to quite like the linear Speed Silver switches, and the Kailhs are a fair bit smoother and have better weighting than Cherry IMO. Not perfect, but definitely closer to where the switch should be.

I like the idea of browns, a light switch with a minimal tactile bump, but the execution just always seems to be off. I just think the working mechanism of having the bump on the legs kind of fundamentally limits how refined the switch can feel.

I would like to see some better iterations on the concept in the future, but I think it might require a quite different approach. Particularly I would love to see some more electrostatic capacitive designs with that lovely hysteresis come to the fore.

Nice. I tried one on a switch tester and it definitely caught my attention.

How do you like the bottom out feeling? To me it is a bit softer (in sound and feel) than other switches, although I’m not sure how it translates on an actual board.

It is softer for sure. All of the Kailh white bottom sound that way

the difference in the base color is to signify the mounting method. The white bottomed switches are plate mount while the black bottoms are pcb mount. Functionally they are the same. The pcb mount switches just have little prongs to hold the switch straighter in the plate.

The switches I tried were all black, just FYI