Give me a 40% recommendation!

My Let’s Split is awesome, but I want more keyboards and more small keyboards. I’m considering a Daisy, because it has a cool layout and case options, or maybe a Fourier.


The Fourier is a great cheap choice if you want to keep with split stuff. I would avoid the Daisy as the pcb it comes with isn’t qmk compatible right now.

If you are willing to wait a bit you can grab the new low-cost version of the minivan, the kumo. Here is the keymap I use on my vans.

If you want a real showpiece you could pick up an amj40. Here is my amj40 keymap.

I think Jolimon and Koobaczech are getting ready to do a buy for fully acrylic Pearls. It’s not a bad board, but the weird stagger on the middle row can make it a little weird.


Hey I recognize your name from Let’s Split qmk! Thanks for the suggestions, I had no idea about kumo.

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I don’t actually have a let’s split lol. I have done a bunch of other qmk stuff though, and I tend to be all about the 40s so you definitely could have seen me around somewhere!

Maybe it was some other qmk… I’ve definitely played around with XD84s and plancks

I have a YMDK 40 that I like. I looked at the daisy and from the only people I could find that had them (I think was one, so small sample size, take this advice with a grain of salt) had issues programming.

The YMDK 40 does take some getting used to though. The top row is just a bit more left than normal offset. I don’t use it for gaming for this reason. It was just too weird for that. Typing is okay though. They also have a newer model that can be done with ortho layout.

I can also recommend the Contra if you can find one. It’s ortholinear and cheap, if Cartel plan on doing another run. it’s a kit with everything except for switches.

The YMDK is programmed through bootmapper client. It worked well for me and right out of the box. Contra is using a pro micro, so it’s qmk and they have a good configurator on their site.

I’m still tempted to get a Daisy as the case options and pcb options are interesting.

Is there any idea of when Kumo might ship?

You didn’t mention a budget so I’ll lead strong. Hands down my favourite 40 is the mechmini 2. Top mount even at this form factor makes a huge difference.

Following that would be the amj40 from flashquark which is a great board for the price in my opinion (and the case is nice and hefty which in very uncommon at the size).


No idea unfortunately :disappointed_relieved:. Could maybe ask Evan. I would personally expect to see it late this fall or possibly early next spring.

I would by the Vortex Core and then mod it to use ATOM47 pcb instead. The end result is very nice.


I second that. I liked my core before but atom just makes it amazing.

I think the original Atreus is very underrated. I started loving mine, but then got a Ergodox to have a few more keys, but then starting disliking the Ergodox due to too many keys and got back to really liking the Atreus again.

The fact that it’s not a split board makes it easy to throw in a bag and take it out traveling, which I can’t say for my other ortho boards. And the novelty of using a plywood case adds to it as well.

So, i purchased a daisy the other day as i was looking for a 40% keyboard.
Now from what i can read you can replace the boot loader and use GMK.
But depending on how much i like the 40% style i would totally get a Kumo when it launches.
Do we know if there are any EU distributors?

I actually ported the daisy PCB to QMK. It’s a bit of work (due to the custom bootloader) but it works great once on there.

That being said I wouldn’t recommend the daisy as the plate mounting in the case is really quite poor.

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I’m just getting more and more happy with my purchase.
I can see that i will have to overcome some issues when my keyboard arrives.

But if there are to many issues with the keyboard in the future, then i can be a great excuse to invest in another keyboard!

(Do you have a link to custom bootloader guide or information?)

I think the Pearl is pretty good.


This is the Lego 40


To me, the pearl is the best looking 40%. Disclaimer: I’ve never typed on a 40% in my life.

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This is the qmk port.

Here’s the instructions I used to install it.

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Pearl looks great but the non-standard stagger kills it for me :frowning:

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