GK china keyboards using the split spacebar module

This would be the board i think, there are quite a few different models of them

Maybe this is the right place to post, i would love to hear if anyone here have had any experience with the GK X versions that use the split spacebar module?

This is for a very budget build, otherwise i would’ve gone with a simple DZ60 and a Tofu case.

my main question is how programmable are the spacebar modules… like am i able to set one of them to while i press them i can use the F1-F12 layer?


I actually bought one of these recently, and since it is not QMK-compatible, I don’t believe that you would be able to have the layers work like that. Also, if you are gaming, keep in mind that that option creates an input delay of about .75 seconds after you press the spacebar.

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how so? this wouldn’t be for me but the person that will receive games a bit

I was thinking of getting it and adding some cheap foam, taking care of the stabs and lubbing the switches,

would be a better option than a gaming brand board as a gift no? Though i hear great things about optical from Wooting / Steelseries

Ah, alright. I think I misunderstood your layer question. I do however think that this would be sooo much better as a keyboard gift than a prebuilt, especially with boutique switches.