GK6 by Gizmo Engineering

Congrats, this project looks really cool.

On your website it says Made in Italy do you refer to your design or actual manufacturing?

Thumbs up and all the best for your GB.

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Thanks Andreas, we are glad you like our product.
GK6 is manufactured in Northern Italy (where our company is located) in the industrial district between Milan and Lake Como


I love seeing that this is a locally manufactured product. I think it’s worth promoting this fact even more.

All the best to you for GK6 and the future.

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  1. What do you mean by “unibody”?
  2. How is the plate mounted to the case, could you please show photos and/or tech. drawings?
  3. What is the typing angle?
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We shared some clip and pics of the manufacturing process on Instagram, and each keeb has it’s own serial number and the “made in Italy” laser engraved on the bottom of the case. You’re right, wee should promote this point more effectively. Thanks!

Hello, each GK6 case is machined out from a solid aluminium block. The plate is screwed to the case and the pcb, so that if you need to open it for any reason you just have to unscrew it without remove switches.

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Love the look, those round corners gives it a very premium look. Is it possible to make the screw to match the tan color of the Desert tan? Not that black looks bad, just curious.

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Thank you! While manufacturing the first protoypes we considered to varnish with Cerakote even the screws, but we preferred to have a more “technical feeling” using standard components, whitout hiding them and avoiding to ask customers to pay more for hardware (screws are not very easy to be lacquered, It takes a lot of time compared with the main components of GK6). The screws also match color with the USB component (in black nylon). Thanks!

Looks very cute, though I don’t know how I feel about where the cable is coming out from

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Hello, glad to hear that you like our GK6. The keyboard comes with a 90° cable (you can see it here and here ) we also have a partnership with an artisan cables builder to match our colors ( here in desert tan version ). The dimensions are very compact, so that - imho - the port on side doesn’t bother and is very quick to unplug - and it’s a quite distinctive detail :slight_smile:

Obviously this is just my opinion :slight_smile:

Thank you very much for your feedback!

Hi all, a new small batch of GK6s is now available on our website, together with the new optional sound dampener :rocket:

Here is our silicone dampener, you can listen to a typing sound tests in here

I truly love this project. Great work indeed.

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Thank you! It means a lot to us