GK6 by Gizmo Engineering

Hi, Efrem here. I’m one of the founders of Gizmo Engineering
In the last few months, we have been working to finalize all the last details for GK6, our new ortholinear keyboard. It features a CNC aluminum body and steel plate, all finished in Cerakote. Hot-swappable pcb and a fully custom XDA sublimated keyset. For the first batch, we will have four color variants: yellow mellow, desert tan, imperial panda and the black knight.
We explored quite a few options, with multiple production partners and techniques, to guarantee that the final product will be up to the high standards we aim for.



  1. case: unibody machined aluminium, with Cerakote™ finish
  2. keys plate: laser cut steel plate, with Cerakote™ finish
  3. keycaps: PBT, XDA profile, sublimated legend
  4. dimensions:250⨯116⨯31 mm
  5. weight: 633g


  1. connectivity: USB-C
  2. Switches: work with most Cherry MX Compatible Switches
  3. compatibility: Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, OSx
  4. fully programmable thanks to the QMK firmware™
  5. each casing is marked with the progressive production number
  6. Made in Italy

Here are some details of the upcoming preorder run :slightly_smiling_face:: it will run, on our website from March 31st until May 31st or until all the 100 available units are sold out. We will then manufacture the keyboards, and we will ship them during Q3 2021. The price will be €225 without the switches and €240 with switches. We’ll share some more infos on the groupbuy section
You can have a look at more pics on our INSTAGRAM profile
Hope you like it!
Thanks !


yellow mellow version:

desert tan version:

black knight version:

imperial panda version:


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Who made the keycaps and is there an option for WoB alphas?

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looks pretty cool even though i’m not a fan of ortho myself

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same. i like the design. never used ortho before though.
I’d go for the desert tan myself (if i were an ortho person)

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Love the design! Just when I thought I was taking a keyboard buying break, you post this lol. Looking forward to seeing this progress!


Hi, the ones you see in pictures have been sublimated in our Lab, for the production batch we tested several suppliers (such as KBDFANS, Jiudian…) in order to be sure to get the best quality and a short lead time. So we’ll choose the partner to go on with once the preorder is closed, considering the number of keebs sold. No WoB alphas for this batch, sorry. Thank you

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Thank you!

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Thank you! Give ortho layouts a try :grin:

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Thank you! Please, start saving money once the preorder ends :joy:

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This is certainly the most temptation I’ve felt in trying out ortho. This even comes with a keycap set and a good one at that too. =D

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Glad you like it. If you feel tempted, hope that after a peek at the hot-swappable PCB will be love at first sight :grin:


No speaker?

What would you do with a speaker in a keyboard?

olkb boards tend to include them. not sure what the typical use case is though

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It’s fun, click on the play button on the plank ez page: Planck EZ: A Powerful, Backlit, Open-Source, 40% Mechanical Keyboard | Planck EZ

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Forgot to ask the important question: will it be compatible with a rotary encoder?

Edit: After taking a look at the PCB you posted, it sadly looks like there is not spot to solder one in.

Hello, we don’t have any speaker in the current version

Sorry for the delayed answer. We are not going to support rotary encoder with the current version

Hi everyone,
excited to announce that as the final round of upgrades before the preorder we added in full RGB Matrix support .
Each key has now its own individually addressable RGB LED, and it’s fully compatible with all QMK animations and features .

Check out the attached video for a sneak peek.
Get yours here: https://gizmo.engineering/ :wink:


The preorder is live on our website from March 31st until May 31st or until all the 100 available units are sold out.
Get yours here: https://gizmo.engineering/ :wink: