Gk61 ideas

idunno if i got the tag right but i wanna see your gk61s guys i wanna get some idea on how to aesthetically make it look better, my idea is to put some initial D stickers in it and some jdm stickers but idunno if that’s a good idea or not tbh, lemme know your thoughts.

IIRC, the issue with the GK61, is that it doesn’t use the standard 60% PCB mounting, so you limited to GK61 specific cases and changing your keycaps.

EDIT: I do own one, but it’s used exclusively for switch testing.

I found a reliable and also well known store if i ever wanna get a wooden case for my keyboard but idunno if i’d want to well unless i am more of a typer than a gamer but i am planning to stick bomb my keyb and do you have any advice for it and also for the keycaps can i just get a japanese character keycaps to go along with it?

Nothing too fancy aesthetics wise, but I do love the look of MDA Big Bone.

Very quiet switches made with Kiwis and Gazzew silent linear stems - I call them Ninja Turtles for fun.

Custom sticker-badge I made for the build.

This one is a GK61x rather than an “s” meaning it has split space support rather than bluetooth, and a slightly different case shape. This has Ducky’s Skyline keyset and Heisenberg frankenswitches.

One last set of another GK61x with MT3 Susuwatari and Tangies.


Mind if I ask why the windows key did a 180?

If you going to sticker bomb it, make sure you don’t use cheep paper stickers, or you clear coat it afterwords.

I’m not sure who carries cheep keycaps with Japanese legends.


When I bring my keebs to work I connect them to a Mac and rely on lots of OS-key shortcuts. Flipping that key along with the spacebar is for thumb ergonomics. :slight_smile:

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Interesting, I’m wondering how you position your hands, that your using your thumb, for the Win key. Is it a left or right handed operation, that is leading you to thumb the Win key?

Things to do to improve the GK61 in very simple terms would be things like lubing the switches/stabilizers.

Switching to a nice keycap set would also be appreciated by your fingers.

If you wanna get DIY/DIWHYYY territory, you could line the bottom of your case for pennies to give it a premium heft for literally pennies.

You could vinyl wrap the plate for a colored accent that you’d catch between your keycaps. I’ve done this before and I think it can turn out quite nicely for a small aesthetic accent.

You could vinyl wrap or sticker bomb your case to give it a bit more of your own identity.


Ooo, clear vinyl over the stickers might work. or vinyl then stickers, then clear vinyl, for easy removal…

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Thanks for the idea! I got a Keychron that’d be perfect for this.


I’d recommend clear-coat as opposed to clear vinyl for protecting the stickers - but vinyl stickers themselves can be easier to wrap / stretch around curves.

For those shortcuts I use often at work, it’s my left hand on the keeb, right on the mouse.

As for vinyl on the plate - all kinds of cool options there. You could do anything from woodgrain to chrome.

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what’s MDA

It’s a keycap profile.

@Aspect check out kprepublic japanese roots keycaps (it’s black legends, light gray alphas, dark gray mods): fairly inexpensive, and comes up often enough on resale market.

line the bottom case for pennies?? what does it mean? i am sorry i am still fairly new and only have basic knowledge for mkbs

(not @Manofinterests but) i think he means literally put USD $0.01 coins into the bottom of the case to make it heavier…line it with pennies for pennies, literally.


The Susuwutari really classes up the GK61

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It’s a profile from MelGeek.

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