Glimpse of JTK Hyperfuse



Top photo appears to have color issue but colors in the the bottom photo looks nice.

UPDATE: I’m pretty sure they’re JTK Hyperfuse but the purple ‘menu’ keycap is not on the GB page so I may be wrong.


that’s a JTK legend, not a GMK legend, so looks about right to me


oooof. My first reaction was ‘those legends look slightly blurry’. Didn’t know that was a JTK trait/issue.

Could be just the camera+compression+rotation, like the color. Fingers crossed.

Not really - that’s kinda how JTK legends have always been. They’ve almost always had rounded corners instead of sharp ones. To me, that’s not an issue, it’s just how JTK is and what i’d expect from a JTK set.


The first picture is trash, and I wouldn’t use it as an accurate representation of color or legend sharpness. The other pictures aren’t perfect but have better lighting at least.

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Those menus are old keys, they are made together with some other keys. So dont care about this.

About the color, we make the color according to the actual keys from GMK hf(almost 90% color match). But hf has several versions,I am not quite sure which version do you compare to if you think the color brings some issue.


Sorry if I didn’t make it clear enough. In my comment:

Top photo appears to have color issue but colors in the the bottom photo looks nice.

I meant the photo had color problems (low saturation, etc), not the keycap. Bottom photo had no saturation problem and better lighting.

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Thanks for coming by and responding!

Do you know which version of GMK Hyperfuse you’re matching to?

When you say “90%” match, how are you quantifying that number?

I think they’re going for R1 colors. HFO colors is closer to my taste but I like R1 colors too.

I understand sir. Those pics always can not accurately restore the true appearance.

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Sorry I do not know. I just made the color according to some keys which were sent to me. I am not sure which version is that.

Use my eyes and roughly estimated

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