Glorious GMMK Pro

There has already been some discussion on this in the Sat75 drama thread, but I figured I’d split it out since this is a big enough topic to deserve its own thread.

They’re really leaning into the latest community trends here. Gasket mount, 75%, rotary encoder, hotswap, VIA compatible, and side LEDs. They even manufactured their own stabilizers that will be pre-lubed. And it’s going to be just $170 for the base kit.

Honestly, I think they’re hitting it out of the park here. I’m not a fan of 75% but this seems like an excellent option for all the people who have been disappointed with the overloaded GBs we’ve been dealing with recently; or really just anyone looking for a 75%. We’ve really been hurting for a company with enough capital to bridge the gap between tray mount boards and >$400 customs and this seems like a big step in the right direction.


Very excited for this board. Think I’ll get one to play with but this is going on the christmas list for a few friends that have been looking at getting into the hobby. Super excited about the price and the fact that it’s not going to be a group buy.

Edit: will create the plate in AutoCAD so I can get a copper plate made for it, when I get one to measure out.


Lucky friends. :wink:

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I will probably get one once the ISO launched.

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Oh, that’s a good call. Need that ISO layout :beers:

just 170 for the base kit is amazing imo. i’ll definitely be geting one of these!

this is probably obvious to you guys, but i can’t quite figure it out. how would i go about reserving one of these?

Not counting Usb-port, u think the pcb will work in the HMKB 75? :thinking:

They say they’re taking orders starting on the 11th, so I assume there will be more details forthcoming. You can sign up for their newsletter on the official announcement page if you want the details as they come:

I have to agree with your thoughts here - this looks like a really solid bridge between bespoke luxury boards and commercial boards that just aren’t quite there in terms of solid features and build quality.

I’m also not personally a fan of the 75% form factor (or separated clusters, or roatary encoders), but I do see all that stuff as a good sign that Glorious is making a real effort to listen to the community. If this product goes well for them, maybe they’ll approach other layouts with a similar design philosophy, which I wouldn’t mind one bit.

A gasket-mount 65% for under $200 would be pretty dope. I’m personally more inclined to buy a board that looks fine and feels amazing than one that looks amazing and feels fine, knowing that having both tends to invite diminishing returns on an exponential slope of cost.


5-pin hotswap is hot! Their current models are 3-pin.

How a board feels depends on how much love you give it. :wink: :wink:

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It’s true - I suppose I’m mostly talking about both the starting advantage and possibly higher ceiling of quality made possible by things like a solid case and a thoughtful mounting system.

All the money in the world can’t save you from a rattly stab!


Oh, I will absolutely buy this thing. I have too many un-used switches as is, and plenty of keycaps on the way. This might be the one to take to the office.

I’m sure the board is fine but they went with a racist and anti-Semitic “PC master race” meme so I’m not buying anything from that company. The joke was funny exactly once when Yahtzee (an actual internet comedian) made it in a game review video, years ago. They’re clearly distancing themselves from it slowly over time, but their URL is still “PC gaming race”, their logo is “GLORIOUS PC Gaming Race.” Enough.


What now :open_mouth: I always referred the race part to a car race were the PC will win over consoles and mac’s.

presumably they couldn’t trademark “PC Gaming Master Race” without pissing off the various communities called that online, so they went with “Glorious PC Gaming Race” instead.

The original Yahtzee version to which @TimeDoctor refers was directly comparing a subset of PC gaming folks on the internet (a subset who frequently waded into online discussions to be jerks to console owners about how superior PC games graphics/performance/variety/online play were) to Nazis by riffing on the “master race” ideology, but some of them decided to turn it into their own meme and Glorious came up out of that memey miasma.

It’s… messy, at most generous


Well I have nothing to respond without going OT and breaking rules…

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Couldn’t have said it better.

I can believe they meant no harm with it - but it’s also near the bottom of a list I’d never even consider using.


Honestly, their name hadn’t even occurred to me until now. Suddenly, I don’t feel like I need this board anymore.