Glossy DSA/XDA/flat blank caps?

I’m having a real hard time tracking down any glossy keycaps to put on a macropad. I know they must exist because I have a Zeal switch tester that came with some (printed with the switch type on the top), but other than RAMA Grid—which is out of stock—I haven’t had much luck.

Any suggestions? Also open to non-standard profiles like the Grid.

KAM Little Pilot and Starry Nights is glossy for real.

you might be able to get a blank set and shine it yourself. Im not sure how but Ive def heard of it before.

RAMA Grid Set A is in stock in green, orange, and red right now.

Oooo Little Pilot looks awesome! No blanks though :confused:

I will look into that!

I only need 10 caps, but I’m going to keep an eye on restocks for the Grid A singles.

Oh, I missed the blank part.

What do you think about these?

It’s ABS so they should be able to get glossy.

I don’t need the windows, but given that it seems pretty tough to track these down I may just get a pack of blanks from pimpmykeyboard (which those look super similar to) and either try shining them myself or waiting until I can get a RAMA restock.

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