Glove 80 - Red Pro, White or Sunset

I am split between the Glove80 and one of the following switches:

  1. Pro Red
  2. White
  3. Sunset

All three are Kailh V1 choc switches, as they are the only one, who are compatible with it.

I think I prefer the Pro Red the most. 35/gf, linear.
It seems to go well to combine the low accentuation force with the design of the Glove80.

Then there is the White, clicky one. It accentuates with 50/gf, and I am unsure, if I will like the click, and the accentuation force.

I feel it could appeal to me, but I had only one mechanical keyboard before, and that was a linear.

And ultimately, is it possible, that I could solder any type of Kalih V1 choc switch myself, as there is a self soldering edition of the Glove80.

In that case, I think I would prefer the Sunset.

Due to the design, is it not possible to make this keyboard hot swappable.

Ultimately would it be great, to try out the switches, but all tester that I could find, are currently sold out.

I don’t have a lot of experience in soldering.

What would you do?

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Something to my experience:

I have had only one mechanical keyboard yet.
That was a Huntsman V2, with linear key switches.

The issue with that keyboard was, that they had super long keycaps, I think SLA:

And the length of these keycaps lead to my fingers feeling “caged in” between the keys.
I didn’t like the linears on this one, but I think it was because I never really bottomed them.

I have never tried clickies, and I think it could be annoying, satisfying or somehow not relevant.

Even if I would find normal clickies around here to try out, how to they compare to low profile ones? I don’t expect to find them, but I guess I could try.

Ultimately, I think the low accentuation force of 45 gram was just fine.

Somebody who has the Glove80 (Pro Red) writes in the comment section, that low profile switches feel different from normal switches, since they bottom out much faster.

So it is suggested, that someone adds up around 10 gram, to get an accurate comparison between low profile and normal keys.

As I was fine with the 45 on the V2, and since the Pro Red do have 35, it seems like a perfect fit.

I guess I would still be ok with a 50 plus 10 on the whites, but I am not sure.
I think I would love the sunset or something else that I had to solder - the purple ones maybe - even more, but I am scare of that. People write I could damage the PCB.

So… I am undecided :smiley: