Gmk 8008

Looks pretty nice to me, if nothing else I’ll probably get the dope pink spacebars


Definitely not a colorway for me, but I do think the colors flow really well together & this will be a big hit with the community! I will say though if they had a alternate modifier kit with different colored legends (like a brighter green since 9009 had both pinkish & greenish accent keys) I’d probably be all over a set.

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Yeah, the more I look at this the more I think the colors are a slam dunk. I may go in for this one after all

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Hmmm, may sit out the set itself, but really liking the desk mat and swirl silicone artisan from Rama.

No comment.


No seperate alpha sale is a deal breaker for me. If you offer people 40-50% support with one kit but make the same people need the full Base anyway those who need less end up spending the most :confused:

The alphas are pretty neutral, you could always just get the 40s kit and find alphas somewhere else

True i thought about that too. But then again this is a group buy. You can always offer an option and refund when the moq isnt reached. Its not like they fronted the money. This just seems a bit greedy imo.

The problem is the 40% kit isn’t full 40% mods it requires keys from the base so it’s not as simple as just separating the alphas. It’s hard to make kits that are optimal for everyone especially considering high MoQ on GMK kits. Having a failing kit can be very damaging to smaller vendors running a set. It can have a cascading effect where people cancel other sets because not all of them are being made etc etc.


Alright. Obviously you are speaking from experience here and i dont doubt that it works l that way. I just dont get why. I assumed that gmk could provide the cheapest service If alphas and mods ( or all keys of one colourway vs. The accent colourway ) were produced and calculated seperately. And that this would also be the easiest way for the consumer to build an individual kit

Id be thankfull If you could share more.

I don’t have much insight into GMK’s process but splitting things apart generally cost more with GMK then adding a couple more keys. I’ve never done child kits on any of my GMK sets as they each get their own MoQ and for my purposes I’ve been able to create a single set that supported what I wanted.

When using GMK standard colors a set MoQ will be 150 and child kits are 100. When using custom colors the MoQ goes up to 250 and, don’t quote me on this, the kit MoQ goes up to 150.

With the Paperwork set I ran recently GMK shared that typically for custom colors a set needs to have at least 104 coverage for them to do it. They made an exception for me, likely due to my order history with them.

Okay okay. Thanks for explaining.

Ever since you made me live the van live im a slave to that 1.75 and 1.25 unit key :joy:

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I need to do a buy that has just those keys in a like a bunch of different colors XD


like a best of gmk with icon mods and 1.75/1.25

Yep. Definitely one of those sets that I think looks great but doesn’t work for me. Most likely a pass. Though, Dixiemech is on record stating that he will take a picture of himself in a sports bra if 8008 reaches 1000 orders. lol.

Anyways, I look forward to seeing photos of this keyset on other people’s builds.

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I really like the colors of the alphas, like A LOT. But the set as a whole, while cool, falls into the “IDK what I’d put this on” category for me

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I really think if they offered 2 different base kits (one with the current pink mod legends & accent keys, then one with a brighter green for mod legends & accent keys) this set would not only do much better, but also stick closer to it’s inspiration, GMK 9009 & it’s accents.

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is it actually inspired by 9009? I thought being called 8008 was just a joke because that looks like “BOOB”

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Hahahaha! :rofl: Oh man that last part of your comment made my day! Almost made me spit out some water, LOL. Seriously though that is a good question. I had just assumed it was cause of the name & Pink accent keys/legends. Although I still think a second base kit with green (or any other color than pink really) would make this set appeal to a good bit more people.

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