GMK Awaken - cyberpunk themed cherry profile caps - GB till 1/31

Ends soon (1/31),

I pulled the trigger on the Neo Tokyo (hirigana sublegends) and Corrupted data (ortho) kits. The Rama artisan and the matching cables were too rich for my blood :grimacing:

Thanks for this set, @biip! I, for one, welcome my cyberpunk deck later this year.

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Got the normal set as I already have a set with Hiragana Cant wait to put those on my board

yet another cyberpunk set… I’m gonna pass this one, these colors don’t speak to me, although the mods are pretty cool. If i didnt already have laser from the first time it went and the monocolor set from last time on order I might be more interested though.

I’m gonna have to check this as a “maybe”

I like it, but I won’t pay for it. :upside_down_face:

I have to admit that I ordered your exact configuration when playing Cyberpunk 2077 while drunk.
I regret nothing! :robot: