GMK Froyo

Just came across This one. I’m really into it and will probably join. Does anyone have any experience with Kingly Keys? This is the first time I’ve encountered them.

I really love that they have a dedicated 40s all in one kit. Might just get it to support that.

Also thanks for sharing this

It’s definitely cool that they’re offering a full 40s kit, but I’d be a bit worried about it getting enough orders for the minimum, especially with what seems to be a big lack of advertising. I spend a decent amount of time on here and geekhack, but I had never heard of it until I saw the thread on reddit the other day…

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Im actually working with him on a project right now. Hes a lovely guy and is very interested in community development. His signature product so far, the Romac macropad turned out great!

Is he on here? I read the info on himself and he seems like he would like it here.

Thats why i really want to support him. Grassroots need to be supported in any community