GMK Magical Girl


Hello all,

I have a set that I’ve been working on for the past month and I feel that there are not enough pink sets in the GMK lineup. So introducing, GMK Magical Girl which takes inspiration on the genre “Magical Girl” from Japanese anime culture.

Using Pantone 1767C for the modifiers, WS1 for the alphas and Pantone 190C for the accents.

Nothing is set in stone but would be great if anyone that is interested can fill out the IC form which depending on the amount of interest, I can get the ball rolling in proper renders, finding vendors, etc.


It needs more pink keys, Novelties maybe.


I think you need to add some gold, maybe in the novelties or some of the modifiers. You know for those Magical Girl staffs.


Is this how GMK KA2017 gets revived? Because I’m on board :slight_smile:


I like this idea! Maybe for extra Esc and Enter keys


After reading some of the feedback from reddit/gh (Going to give the form another day). The general consensus is the colour and how it doesn’t reflect the whole magical girl theme so I will be most likely reworking the colours, adding more keys in the coming weeks.

Thanks guys


More contrast ?


Something like that.


any news for this set?

KMK Labs.


It’s progressing slowly but i’m not entirely satisfied yet. Unfortunately, work gets stupidly busy at this time of the year so expect some slower updates.