GMK Muted Retro, special pricing for 11/30

Love the look. Stinks that it’s not Text + Icons, but I can live with that. Similar in concept to Modo Light, but better contrast on the legends. Special pricing if you join tonight.


I really do hate that this is the first time that we see something about GMK Muted and it ends up being $125 as a sale.

This is an iconic set that has tons of interest (from what I can tell over the past few years) and this is really what we see?

I might just be a bit annoyed from the fact that I really love this set, and this new version is really good looking, but for that price I really can’t justify it.

Edit: I do know that OCO does have generally higher prices than normal, but god do I hate that so much

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It’s not Muted though, it’s Muted Retro. Colors are somewhere between GMK Retro and GMK Muted

That is true, but I think this is more just my unjustifiable anger towards this set not coming back. This was probably my favorite GMK set when I first got into this whole thing and I am just sad that it hasn’t come back.
To be fair though, this does look very good.

Edit: just saw Muted 2, im actually ecstatic

Lol nice try Originative.

Muted is nice for sure. I own the original set. I also own GMK classic retro (beige/9009, you know… that one). There is certainly a spot where you could have something nice that falls between the two in terms of colors.

Muted looks fantastic on most boards, but I feel like it loses something on certain grays. It just looks too washed out. I think that’s where this new colorway will work well.

I think the pairings will go well like this:
GMK Classic Retro for silver and polycarbonate boards
GMK Muted for boards with soft tones like blue-gray, lavender, rose gold or white
Muted Retro for gray and black cases

I think the confusion can be best solved by…

This is a muted version of retro,
not a retro version of muted
& not muted


GMK Muted R2 will be happening through Switchmod (with Jchan’s official blessing) though


This set is in stock now. I like the classic look but I can’t find other photos besides the renders.

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Same. Keep looking for comparison photos but nothing.

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After $99 flash sale on NK, $180 extras suddenly feels steep again :sweat_smile:


GMK Gregory extras on Mekibo for $180 for the base set…