GMK Nautilus Nightmares


This is a great set. I actually think like this more than the original Nautilus. This colorway looks like a greener-toned SA Abyss, which was a nice complement to cyan keyboard chassis. More importantly, I like that you have black accents because that means that it will match black keyboards and–if I’m being honest–a lot of popular sets that have been recently released clash with black boards.

Anyway this is great. I hope it takes off.


What’s that andromeda keyboard you used in the render?


I’ve been to two county fairs and one state fair and I ain’t never scene nothing like that!


Obloztky wanted to make a 1800 in a Percent-like style, so I accepted his challenge and made one.


When’s the GB :^)

No actually though it’s gorgeous and I need one in my life


stop making wonderful key sets and finish verne :stuck_out_tongue: jk but really another great GMK set. will buy when it comes around.


Strongly prefer this over the regular Nautilus set, which I also quite liked.


Oh man, this speaks to me. It tells me I need it…


:money_with_wings: Please stop making such nice colorways :money_with_wings:


We need more unorthodox sets like this. Another muted, another grey on grey, 5th iteration of hyperfuse, black with red, black with white, white with black… That sums up this year. These are great classic sets that look clean but it’s hard to express originality with these.


It’s a conspiracy… Gmk and Zambumon are determined to make me a homeless hobo with endgame keebs !!!


following a theme of ‘degradation at sea’ (such as rusty copper divesuits, ship anchors & ship nails), I wondered how a rusty finish on a case would look like, so I made a basic paint edit:

What do you guys think? Would it be worth it to possibly ruin a case to get this brown patina or should I just go with a green/grey case?


I think it’s cool. Remember when that person who wasn’t leandren announced he was making a bunch of Fjell cases? I remember him listing a rusted finish and I thought that sounded really cool. Of course you would want to seal it


A couple days ago I mentioned the idea of including an extra B on the 40s kit. My goal with it is to encourage more people with high-end split keyboards which have doubled Bs (such as the EM7, TGR Alice, and LZ Ergo) to have a good reason to get this kit and not skip it. For clarity issues, I’ve also been thinking about updating its name “splitboards and 40s”.

Let me know what you think about this idea.


i like it and think its not a bad idea, as it just gains more support for the set.


It doesn’t really gain that much of a support, as many people just use a novelty for that key. However, one key could be enough for these ergo users to get the kit.


I don’t care what you call it, I dig it.


I wasn’t able to get in on Serika due to a number of factors, but I definitely want to support this set, it just looks so good!


As a man with an H.P. Lovecraft inspired sleeve tattoo with Cthulhu on it, I feel that it is appropriate for me to immediately buy this set. When it drops!


I like it. I’m not a big fan of the choice to remove the numpad, or ISO support for that matter in the base kit, but I do like the set. More novelties in the novelties kit would be nice too.