GMK Quality control

So apparently now warped GMK spacebars are a thing.

All my 6u, 6.25u and 7u are warped.


The legends stuff on the 9009 set wouldn’t bother me but the warping is unacceptable to me. Might as well get an Ali pbt set at this point.


My 9009 r3 spacebars are warped too.

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The worst is the deafening silence of Dixie and the reluctance of Janglad to even acknowledge the warped spacebars.

“I think at the end of the day we’re at the grace of GMK”
from Janglad.

Not to mention the degrading quality of GMK.

I’ve replied to you about this on both Discord and Geekhack now but feel somewhat of an obligation to reply here too for people that are only active on Keebtalk.

To keep it brief, I do care and have watched the issues closely and compiled them. “Keeping the money train running” won’t work if we don’t make customers happy, so yes even from a purely economical POV this is a priority for us. The legend issues have also been shown to have been in every set where they were used from OG to recent stuff like Modern Dolch, Nines, Vaporwave etc for the Print Scroll Pause keys with the difference being that people are only now looking so closely. The spacebar issue is harder to confirm since not many people have unused spacebars from years back but people have confirmed them also having it on sets like BoW. As Puddsy has explained in the GH thread plastics just warp when heated. Considering the legends always were that way and people are just now picking up it’s likely this is the case for the spacebars too. Doesn’t mean it isn’t an issue, just means it’s not “degrading quality”.

As for being at the grace of GMK, as I have said multiple times now this doesn’t mean we can’t pressure them. It just means that they have the final say on this if they consider them within tolerances (since then getting them remade will result in the same thing). We do care and are working on this.


also as a side note, when taking pictures of the spacebars please put them on a flat surface. Having 2 against each other while holding them at one point makes it very hard to see if they’re actually warped or not and to what degree.


Cheers man looking forward to the proposed resolution.

However the other GMK sets do not have these issues.

The WoB set you have referenced, is run by drop and drop gave instant refund to those who reported it.

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Well, it’s pretty simple in my mind, we pay top dollar to get top quality caps. If there not top notch GMK has dishonored the deal…


People just started discovering this this week, Dixie has a good record with these things (those silicone caps recently come to mind), I would give them a bit of time to come with a formed response rather than some knee jerk thing that just riles people up more.


I would appreciate not making rash comments about us saying we don’t care and it’s a cash grab. We are awaiting to discuss with GMK.


I noticed GMK production has gone up in the past two years so perhaps that played a factor? I am confident they will straighten this issue out. More importantly, really wish SP would make thicker OEM/Cherry keycaps with Gorton Modified and I would actually prefer that over GMK.


Just my personal experience, but I own many GMK sets spanning quite a few yrs (oldest set - Sky Dolch Oco’s 1st run of it, newest set - Wasabi). None of the 6.25u & 7u spacebars I got (I have quite a few spacebat kits also) have any warping to them. So that is either an isolated incident or a very new issue.


Many users on Geekhack have reported it. idk how prevalent the issue is. Or even if GMK accepts it as an issue, or believes this is “WiTHin ChEerY SpECs”.

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Don’t get me wrong I am not saying I do not believe that there is an issue with newer GMK spacebars, I’m sure there is with as many people who are reporting it. I was just stating my experience so far with GMK spacebars.

No issues buddy. That’s what I’ve heard and expected from gmk. It’s not difficult or expensive to make straight spacebars. All my cheaper abs sets have perfect spacebars.


Thank you to everyone for keeping this discussion civil. I think this is a fair topic to talk about but I’ll be closely monitoring to make sure information is factual and keeps within our guidelines for acceptable discourse.

Let’s try and keep discussion to facts, and if we’re being critical, let’s try to keep it objective and with an improvement as the end-goal in mind.