GMK Sandstorm

GMK Sandstorm

Inspired by cerakoted keyboards and tactical equipment, GMK Sandstorm is a simple cream on beige custom keycap set designed by Zambumon.

Perfect for beige cerakoted keyboards, polycarbonate keyboards, and dark grey, silver, or copper finishes, GMK Sandstorm is a must have for those that would love to have a beige set on their desk.

Proposed kits

This 138-key Core is your starting point and it provides coverage for most common boards: 60%, 65%, 75%, TKL, WKL, Fullsize, and 1800-CP. The kit includes some accent keys, barred and scooped homing keys, and stepped caps lock.

A compact extension kit for Sandstorm’s Core that provides coverage for ISO, FC660 like layouts, 60% with arrows, 40%, and split/ergonomic boards (including an extra B).

The space bars kit extends Sandstorm’s layout support by including two 6.00u spacebars so you can cover your HHKB, and Cherry G80-1800 keyboards. The kit also includes accent space bars for standard and split keyboards.

Keyboard Gallery

Zambumon Jules

Zambumon Sar

Zambumon Verne

Zambumon Percebe

Group buy details

The idea is to have a group buy for this set in September 2019. I’m currently in talks with vendors. But I have already confirmed the interest to run this set from:

More vendors to be confirmed.


  • Made in Germany by GMK Electronic Design GmbH
  • Original Cherry Corp. profile
  • Made in Germany
  • 1.5mm thick doubleshot ABS keycaps with legends that will never fade

Links of interest

Discord Server
GMK Sandstorm page


Yes please

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Hard buy. Take my money, please.

Definitely in when this is live.

Is the Sar in the renders a dark beige or a copper color?

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Now I just need a version with black legends to give my Modern M0110 a more accurate finish

Looks great, will definitely be joining.

kind of both I’d say

I’m getting hyped!!!


Well either way, I’m hoping this will be one of the colors offered, since you don’t see too many boards with this color scheme.

Thanks for this, this was the thing that kept bugging me since the post started as I can’t figure out what it is. lmao

Any chance of novelties?

I say every set should come with a CD single of this song for, uhh reasons… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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keeping it simple, maybe we’ll have novelties like I did with Striker

For all who thought you missed your chance, this is in overtime and available until Sunday.
Pack your shovels for one more sandstorm day!


Thanks for the heads up, I woke up this morning and realized “shit I missed it” but actually it looks like I slid in just now

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