GMK Space Cadet

Going live Friday on Massdrop!

Hello people of KeebTalk!

I’m sure most of you are aware that I have been working on this project for a while now. Today I am releasing a big update across Reddit, GeekHack and also here.

The group buy is scheduled to launch on Massdrop in August. The exact day is usually decided a week ahead of the drop, so I will update when I have a specific date. But it should be [the end date of SA Green Screen] + [a few days]. If you haven’t already, you can vote for it on Massdrop to be notified when it goes live.

If you want to read up on what has been talked over for 13 pages, you can visit the GeekHack thread. The thread initially mainly revolved around the choice of legends: how the APL legends are placed on the alphas, and my choice of Modifier text-only legends.

I’ve taken in all of the feedback generated so far, and from that created the currently soft-locked revision of kits you can see below. Ever since the last update, which has been quite a while ago now, the following things have changed:

  • t0mb3ry assisted me by creating vector work for the unique APL symbols, as well as further fine tuning the hand icons and roman numerals for the Symbols kit. All renders now feature these custom legends.
  • I have further optimized the coverage of the base kit, it currently covers WK, WKL, Fullsize, 96key, 1800, CP, 60%, 65%, 75%, HHKB-style, the C70, 60% with arrows, and a few more I can’t think of right now.
  • I removed Cadet specific alpha keys from the base kit to cut down cost, and I believe not many people would have ended up making good use of them anyways. I now have standard US-ANSI alphas with two extra pipe keys for physical ISO support.
  • I removed Gray keys from the Symbols kit. Instead I increased layout support, such as vertical macro/function rows on VE.A/TC-V3/RedScarf II.
  • I removed Community keys from the Symbols kit. There seems to be a lack of interest in these nowadays anyways.
  • I added blue spacebars to the Black Modifiers, and renamed the kit to True Cadet.
  • I added a Cherry Icon kit for those that dislike the text-only modifiers I chose for the base kit. I did not go for Icon+Text (the ‘standard’ GMK legends used on Carbon/Laser/Nautilus etc) as I felt they didn’t change too much about the look. Instead I went for the style of old Cherry keyboards such as the G80-1800 where the center part uses icons only, while top and bottom row remain text only. GMK Muted is a set that used this style for example, and I have demonstrated this in some of the renders.
  • I added blue spacebars to the Blue Alphas kit.
  • I removed blue spacebars from the Spacebars and -Keys kit, which is now a Spacekeys kit only.
    – The addition of blue spacebars to True Cadet and Blue Alphas now ensures nobody needing them forgets to purchase them, and it cuts the number of kits you need to buy from 3 down to 2, which saves about 15-20$ in a GMK buy in ‘kit split taxes’.
  • NorDeUK is untouched
  • I am introducing the Assembly Kit, which is a kit independent from the Base Kit that fully covers the Ergodox keyboard.
  • I am also introducing the 40bit Kit, which is also independent from the Base Kit and covers Planck, Preonic and a variety of 40% keyboards.
    – Both these kits have brand new ASM inspired modifier legends. I mocked up a blank modifier version for both, but with the busy Cadet alphas in the center it looked very imbalanced. These kits will not be cheap, probably more expensive than the base kit as they will hit way lower MOQ’s (100 for both would be a big success already) while the base kit will most likely hit 500 units, and hopefully also 1000. So please keep in mind that you are probably going to be paying the price of a kit that is only produced a hundred times, but I think it is very much worth the extra cost for the modifier legends, and I hope many of you agree. I will then also be able to use these legends in GMK Oblivion V2 next year. And again, the base kit is NOT required, all you need is either the Assembly or the 40bit kit for your special layout, and I’ve seen people shell out 180-200$ in previous GMK runs where Ergodox modifiers had to be purchased in addition to the base set.
  • Colevrak kit will not be offered. It would be 99$ due to even more custom legends, more keys than usual Colevrak kits, and have an MOQ of 100.

Lastly, the excellent outragedpudding has created a packaging design for the GMK trays. The Assembly and 40bit kits will probably also be coming in trays, but this is TBD.

Please enjoy the renders, and let me know if you have any questions or feedback! I already received pricing for all the kits apart from the Assembly and 40bit kits (I had those layouts covered in a bigger single kit, but the price was not viable). While I can not reveal pricing for the other kits at this point, I can however assure you that you will be very pleased with the 1000 unit price point of the Base Kit.

40% and Ergodox renders will follow once I have the pricing for those and am certain these will be offered.


Kit renders:


Packaging preview:


Keyboard renders:

Thank you for your time!

PS: There will be a couple collaborations with other products for the sets, stay tuned.





I gotta say, as a 40% user I really don’t like that 40s kit design. I try to buy stuff that will work on all my boards, so I can run a set on my AMJ40 for a bit, move it to a van, throw it on a 65 later, see how it looks on a tkl… With most GMK sets that works fine, just get base + the mod pack for 40s, but here I’d have to effectively by two entirely separate sets. Plus the 40s kit wouldn’t even work on all of my 40s. And it has a number row for the preonic I guess? I get that this probably makes it a bit cheaper for people who will only ever be putting this on a planck or a pearl, but for the rest of us it makes it way more expensive.

I was really looking forward to this buy and now I’m stuck wondering if I should even grab it at all :pensive:


I believe that the majority buys a keyset with the purpose of covering a specific group of layouts, or even just a single keyboard. Few grab every kit because they have a big collection and keep swapping around. This is IMO more likely to hit 100 units than if people had to buy Base + Ergo/40 mods for a total of over 200$, but most not ever using any of the mods from the base.


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Freakishly excited about this! :smiley:

Yes please! Must buy for me.

cant wait for this

This is so nice! I can’t wait to get mine!

I really like the packaging. A lot.

Might have to go in on this! Very nice job!

Looks great. Glad this is finally going to run. Sad no Red Cadet :frowning:


Imma just open my wallet, let me know when you are done…


I actually forgot to mention that the color matching process has already begun. We might see samples during the GB already!


Great news! My wallet is open…

If can add a 6.25 spacebar into 40kit, it will more perfect.

I am actually doing exactly that right now :slight_smile: