GMK Striker


@Zambumon It wasn’t much of a discussion. More like a cease and desist. Every time I bring it up, you and your buddies call out the mods to squash the “discussion”. Such a shame.


why do 40% keyboards upset you so much? no one is making you use them. 40% is just as relevant and important to the community as any other size.


I see all these renders for your great keysets @Zambumon when are we getting this Nemo though. Did I miss the group buy or something?

What’s going on I’m ready to buy a red or a blue Nemo since Nautilus happened.

With regards to the keyset though I think the blue is great, I personally don’t care for the Hirigana but it makes a lot of sense for the story just like Serika.

Basically as soon as you showed this off I stopped considering getting GMK Space Cadet.


40% are great and probably would be my daily driver if ANSI was my default layout. However, for anyone using any variation of ISO, they simply don’t offer enough keys and are practically useless.


While I don’t have any inherent dislike for 40% keyboards, the issue is that some of them, such as your minivan, use so many keys that are completely irrelevant in other layouts, making them expensive to support when designing kits. It is also such a small percentage of the community that uses them which makes doing things like hitting MoQ difficult or not worth the effort in including it often times.

I’m sorry for derailing the thread a bit Zambumon. If this set hits at the right time then I’ll be really interested in joining! Looks great and good luck with the IC!


So how can you gauge that the portion of the community that uses 40% boards is

Keys will always be

if it isn’t your board of choice. The effort to try and be as inclusive as possible with many different layouts, is what is needed to serve the greater community.


For 40% discussion, head over here:

Thanks :pray:




oh yikes someone actually got butthurt.


Someone actually moderated their own thread.


We try to avoid any conflict of interest in scenarios like that but it is still up to the OP to try and keep the conversation on topic before a moderator has to step in. @Zambumon is the OP on this thread and he is simply keeping the thread on topic by pointing people in the right direction for conversation around 40% keyboards.

I am responsible for moderating this thread. I hope that answers your concerns?


The comment was specific to this set in regards to leaving out key compatibility for a certain 40% keyboard. It wasn’t to show lack of support for @Zambumon, but rather disappointment in this decision echoed by other high profile keyset designers. :wink:


I understand. I’ve seen the conversations happening on GH on the Carbon set too. Regarding their decision to not have keys for certain boards the designers have decided not to support certain boards (in this case the minivan) and of course if you have one it only makes sense to voice your concern about the lack of compatibility.

At this point it seems that they have answered your concerns and have decided not to modify their Keysets to accommodate it. As much as we may want to see all of the keyset covered it’s not always possible regardless of why that may be, and sometimes we don’t get the answers.

I’m not sure at this point if there’s any more to discuss regarding adding minivan compatibility to this set which is why @Zambumon has suggested taking any general discussion about 40% keyboards (including minivan of course) to its appropriate thread.

I appreciate your passion for the project and I can also appreciate that it can suck when you can’t get a specific keyset for the board you have. With that said, I hope you continue to bring up compatibility if you notice interest checks that come up that don’t have it as it’s an important part of the interest check phase. As for this keyset it sounds resoundingly final that it won’t be supported.




When do we expect this to go to group buy?

Also any updates on the Nemo or is the Verne currently taking up most of your time @Zambumon?


For Verne, please refer to this thread:

As for this set, I don’t know, I haven’t contacted any vendors yet.


GMK Samurai Blue is now GMK Striker!


It’s beautiful :heart_eyes: Would this be launched before or after Nautilus Nightmares if you have your way?


In May. Nautilus Nightmares won’t launch until December.


Lovely colors. I do feel like I’ve seen too many sublegend sets lately, would have been amazing with an all Kanji one. Also to stay true to the theme :slight_smile: