Zambumon Verne: custom TKL keyboard

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Verne is a custom mechanical keyboard with an elegant and uncluttered design, from the internal components to the case itself.

Powered by a custom WT80-A PCB designed by Wilba, with a beautiful dark blue solder mask and artwork from the GMK Nautilus keycap set, Verne is fully programmable via QMK and VIA Configurator. In addition to the WT80-A, Verne has an USB-C extension PCB that allow better placement of the USB-C connector by mounting it low, in parallel with your desk surface.

The keyboard has a top-mounted brass plate with a fixed TKL layout, where 0.25U gaps separate the function row and navigation cluster from the 60% area. Having a fixed plate grants a tight fit on all switches and a clean look when the switches are in place, as all of the exposed plate holes are used.

Once assembled, Verne weighs around 2.5 kg (5.3 lbs), a perfect spot where it is hefty enough that moving it by accident is hard, but you can still pick it up and adjust its position easily.

Supported Layouts

Two layout configurations will be available:

Verne Modern: the standard American layout, with a 6.25U spacebar and seven 1.25U modifier keys on its bottom row.

Verne Classic: a symmetric bottom row, with a 7.00U spacebar and two 1.50U modifiers and a 1.00U modifier on each side; as well as a stepped Caps Lock key.

Color Options

Oblivion Grey

An elegant all purpose dark grey case, perfect for keycap sets such as Carbon, Chocolatier, Oblivion, OG Cherry Sets, or Serika.

Nautilus Blue

Designed for blue sets such as Calm Depths, Laser, Nautilus, Penumbra, Samurai Blue, Space Cadet, Solarized Dark, or Yuri.

Jamón Red

A vibrant, striking red that will bring sets like Jamón, Burgundy, Led Zep, or Metaverse to the next level.

Technical Specs

  • 6 degree slope.
  • Top mounted sand-blasted brass plate. Fixed layout.
  • WT80-A Verne and WT-USB-C extension PCBs designed by Wilba. Programmable via QMK and VIA Configurator.
  • Weight: 2.5 kg (5.3 lbs).

Included With Verne

  • Top Piece.
  • Bottom Piece.
  • Sandblasted brass plate.
  • WT80-A Verne PCB.
  • WT-USB-C Verne PCB.
  • WT80-A to WT-USB-C cable.
  • Screws and bumpons.

Note: this is a DIY kit. Assembly, keycaps, switches, stabilizers and USB-C cable are not included.

Pricing, Available Units, and Shipping

  • Pricing: to be announced.
  • Available Units: between 30 and 35. Raffle sale.
  • Shipping: keyboards will be shipped from Spain. Tracked and insured.

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the real question is what price point do you think it will hit?

I wouldn’t say that it’s finally happening, tho. There’s lots of stuff to test and figure out before I can even think of offering the keyboards to the public.


fair enough, but at least there’s an official IC to hype on!

My dude, you have to slow down with all these products, my wallet can only pay so much T_T
Fixed plate :ok_hand:


:heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

Oh man the fact that this has a fixed plate just brought this to the top of my list of boards I need to get. And you know I gotta get my hands on that red.


Have been tracking this in IG. Looking forward to this! Love the soft edges, overall shape, and the position/centering of the screws in the bottom.

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I like that all the decisions you have made are personal preference. A lot of keyboards start losing their charm when it attempts to cater to the masses. You do you Señor Jamón!

Also… Verne in Spanish sounds weird to me. Do you pronounce it in Spanish or English? :thinking:

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man this thing looks nice.

Those curves are sexy. :heart_eyes:

Oh wow I thought this was just a render and not going to be made. Love those smooth edges.

lookin good… those curve… hnnngggffff

oof dem curves.

wow, that’s a good looking TKL! May be my next one (or maybe the one after the next one if it runs long) .

It looks so cozy… The curves are just comforting somehow lol

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Looks great. Looking forward for more updates.

Looks awesome!

best looking tkl case I have seen in a long time

Please confirm if this is a /veɾne/ or a /vɝn/

Also, please make this larger than a 30 unit raffle

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