Zambumon Verne: custom TKL keyboard


Feel free to pronounce it however you want, but I do pronounce it in Spanish.


I’ve been talking my skills more seriously lately :slight_smile:


This board has quickly become my favorite TKL design out there. I agree with all the design decisions you’ve made here. And I’m a sucker for deep blue.


Pronunciation doesn’t really matter, but the exact pronunciation in Spanish is /berne/

As for the group buy, it’s way to soon to discuss about it. Yes, it will be small, sub 30 units, and I won’t raise that quantity… I don’t want to be in a though spot like the M65-A was.


Will it be a raffle style or fcfs?


Oof, this is gorgeous. Love the simplicity of it all and I mean that in the best possible way! Any ideas on cost?


Gorgeous design, and very original. I’m definitely in if this thing makes it to production.


Will there be a 60% version of this, by the way?


I guess Wilba will use a ATmega32U4 controller for the pcb?
Official QMK support would be greatly appreciated! :slight_smile:


This thing is pure :fire:

The navy case + nautilus looks amazing, and I’m happy you’re offering WKL.

What’s the material it is made out of?


QMK on ATmega32U4 does the job. No reason to switch yet.


I just signed up for the Kira but will have to keep a close eye on this one as well! I love the round edges.


As my idea would be to do a small batch, a raffle would be better.


@pab The blue one is aluminum with blue anodization and brass plate.
@magicpretzel I’ve yet to finish Nemo, I don’t have any plans for any other 60% at the moment.


I am so excited for this to one day happen.




Such a clean design. Looks amazing.


What kind of price point should one expect, @Zambumon, given the simplicity that you suggest in the design?

Less material, compactness, no RGB, no weight, no engravings… all of these things should really help a notably cheaper price. Hopefully this is done as a community group-buy with reasonable buffer/profit margins.


@LightningXI I’m still waiting for some parts, and giving estimates at the moment seems a little bit irrelevant to me. I want to address that just because it hasn’t some features that I considered as unnecessary, it doesn’t mean that the keyboard, or more in particular, the case is cheap. The case has lot of curves, that adds a lot of time for the machining process and increases the price. So even tho this case doesn’t have a weight, the pieces cost more than what we could say a “box” design.


I am not a huge TKL guy, but given the opportunity I’d get one of these for sure! Like I said to you before @Zambumon you’ve been on :fire: lately with your designs!