Zambumon Verne: custom TKL keyboard


Great design! Definitely entering the raffle if the time comes. Torn between that blue and the white.


It is an amazingly beautiful board, but making it a small raffle is no bueno. Why put something into this world on a few can enjoy and lord over the rest. If manufacturing and distribution is too big of a burnden, I’m sure there are larger outlets that one could partner with. This limited access to inspired ideas needs to change.


Its hard to run group buys like this because as the designer you are responsible for everything. It can easily go wrong and since this is his first keyboard it is very normal to play it safe and learn from a couple of mistakes before doing an R2.


That’s understandable I suppose. Then again, you are only alone if you’re not willing to partner and share profits (and control, I realize). I’m just the salty majority that won’t ever get this piece of art into their hands regardless of desire and means.


This is why I’m not mentioning any group buy plans on my post, I don’t want to create any misconceptions about this keyboard and a potential group buy. As of today, this keyboard still is in the interest check phase, and just because I have made prototypes it doesn’t mean that a group buy is close, but because I want to make sure that my design doesn’t have issues, that the factory is making the pieces up to my standards (these pieces do have some issues that would be unnaceptable for any person purchasing the board).

30 units is a number I can handle, as I do have the space, resources, and time to check every single of those units. This doesn’t mean that I won’t be considering doing a partnership in the future and license the board. But anyways, I think you guys are going way ahead of the timeline, there’s still a lot of work to do and parts to test.


I really like the shape! Well done!
Any guesstimation when it comes to the price?


Yep, as long as the finish on this is durable and the price isn’t insane I’ll be picking one up.


One of the cleanest TKL I’ve seen, count me in as very interested. I’ll definitely sign up for a raffle ticket.


Looks amazing and checks all the boxes. If you’re doing a raffle, please add me :heart_eyes:


I didn’t realize quality assurance was the issue. Carry on.


It’s growing on me, it’s like a fox labs orange TKL with angle and a nice side profile.


A classy board, trying to decide to hop in or wait for Nemo, hopefully Nemo is not too small!


Nemo is on halt, at least from my side, as the CAD work was finished many months ago.


oh yes please i was up for the blue till i saw that little red number wow


i really love the look of this thing. it brings me back to a question i’ve had for a few custom keyboard designs… is there a particular reason why the bezel at the top isn’t symmetrically sized to the one on the bottom? i feel like this might partially be due to pcb/usb port design but that’s just a haphazard guess.


Because I like it. Has nothing to do with the USB.


fair enough. i just see it often enough i thought it was a production thing.


Oof, lovely design with smooth rounded edges. I’ma watch this for sure :thumb:


Me likey ! Just hope the PCB will have hot swappable sockets for switches


I’m so in on this if it has a release date or estimate!