Zambumon Verne: custom TKL keyboard


@richard912 The PCB won’t be hotswappable, otherwise I’d have specified that in the OP. I didn’t see the urge for it and didn’t ask Wilba to make it that way.

@frostfiree No release date or estimate yet.


This is essentially my dream board, I can’t wait!


Im in, that white though :eggplant::sweat_drops:


@ExtraToasty The powdercoat option (the white one) is a little bit tricky, so it might not be possible to offer for now due to notable QC issues.


@Zambumon so what colors did you have in mind so far?


@ExtraToasty Jamón Red, Nautilus Blue, Dark Gray (almost black). They all fit fantastic with brass plates.


Awww . . . . . PCBs with those Kailh hot swap sockets is the future


Want these 3 colors all.


Is this the companion to the Nautilus keycap set? I assume Verne is a play on Jules Verne.


@richard912 USB-C is essential for me. Kailh hotswaps are not.
@Dotwad that’s correct. Having a fully customized keyboards that matched any of the sets I’d already done was definitely one of my goals.


This looks really nice. It’s too bad you are running into quality issues with the white powdercoat; I have SA Godspeed and would love to have that case :smiley:


Nice. Looks cute. I like this design philosophy of making it for yourself, and what fits you best. It results in things that people dont like, but makes things more unique.


I love the philosophy behind this. Would definitely go in on the white one :smiley:

It’s been too long since I’ve gotten a new board.



Pretty much done with TKLs but this looks really nice. Would have killed for an 1800 version.

Interested though. Also, GMK Samurai has to happen (IC over at GH).


I like the white one :wink:


@Zambumon Talk to bike painting companies. You probably have some near you. Look for “custom fixed gears” or something like that and they will be able to direct you to “custom bike painting” of a high quality. They do powder coating of insanely high quality usually. And they’re used to doing small batches. Prices go up for that of coures.


Zambumon has the best naming sense. His stuff always digs weird things out of my memory.



Wish this would be part of a bigger batch.


It looks so dreamy and no sharp edges! <3