Zambumon Verne: custom TKL keyboard


USB-C Daughterboard test fitting. Notice how the cable goes parallel to the table surface.

So far, I could say this was a successful test, but I’ll make further testing with some other USB-C cables to ensure that there aren’t any issues :smiley:


Notice how my money intersects with your wallet when this is released


I am all for this design, very simplistic and aesthetically pleasing! Once this group buy comes around I will have to downsize my collection a bit to make some room :grinning:


Zambumon, please pardon me for bothering you and for being offtopic, but do you have any plans to make another run of your blue keycaps pictured above?


Beautiful curves and design, I love the aesthetic


Late 2019


Very, very cool design. I think it would benefit a lot from a softer plate option – either full or partial aluminum perhaps. A very stiff typing experience from brass or stainless seems counter to the softer, vintage-inspired aesthetics.

Regardless, good luck!


The keyboard has little to do with vintage design and I have no plans to add more options for plates. So I’m not going to make half plates for this board because if I wanted a vintage experience I’d just remove the plate like all the Cherry G80.


I would love this!


gimme 65% of this



I’ve many keyboards on my backlog. Making adaptations of a design in other form factors isn’t something I want to do at the moment.


Is this a joke or a real info? LOL :laughing:

I’m not provoking or anything, just genuinely interested.

BTW, what about Lasers? Are there any plans to rerun those?


I don’t joke about this stuff.

Laser isn’t my set.


Alrighty then. Late 2019 it is.

Are you planning on using ABS/GMK again, or there is a chance for a PBT set this time?


Let’s keep this thread Verne related. When the time comes, a thread for this set will be created.


Definitely interested, hope this comes to GB phase!


This looks too nice to type on.


What about ISO support?


I wasn’t interested on having ISO. That would require more plates (because I want fixed ones). In fact, the PCB doesn’t even have ISO support.


I just finished listening to your segment on Keebtalk and damn, I can’t wait for this board to satisfy you so that it can enter some kind of group buy. I also really hope the white can meet your standards and that I’m lucky enough in the raffle!