Zambumon Verne: custom TKL keyboard


Can you give the specifics of what was discussed? What are the details of the raffle?


What does it mean when you say it’ll have a “fixed plate”?

Is it the same kind of design as Clueboard (plate and top part of the case is just one piece of metal)?


A fixed plate, contrary to a universal one, only supports one layout to achieve the best fit for the switches.


No specifics were discussed. They talked about the inspiration for the board and that just got me more interested. Zambumon hasn’t confirmed how he’s going to handle selling this board if it comes to fruition but it sounded like he wants to do just a small batch.


Gotcha, thanks.


Loved the Verne teaser key in the SA Nautilus GB


Love these boards but i’ll be saving my money for dat Andromeda :sunglasses:


this looks amazing bey keeping an eye on it on your page for a while via insta and i cna say i cant wit for this to hit the market some day it draws mein ascetically for sure. All your keebs end up looking so good.


Looks very elegant. Particularly the blue & red. Godspeed looks perfect on white though.


hoping this is able to be made! love the concept brother


Looking good. Can’t wait to see the final product.


looks great. not having ISO support in the plate is a deal-breaker for me though.


Verne PCB sneak peak:


Oof that’s gorgeous! Love the 10000 leagues referenced here again.


damn even the pcb looks real nice.


Is it fixed layout? because the description says it is buy the pcb is not.


From my understanding, fixed layout means the physical arrangement of the key switches is fixed. You can program what the key switches do, though. I don’t think I’ve seen the official word on it yet, but it might be safe to assume it’ll support QMK.


I believe @8ckerno is referencing the fact that the PCB supports multiple layouts, but the plate does not.


Ah yes, you are correct. I somehow missed the preview photo of the PCB :sweat_smile:


The plates have a fixed layout. Option a is standard ANSI. Option b is 1.5, 1.0, 1.5, 7.0 bottom row and stepped caps lock.

The PCB has some extra holes which won’t be used.