Zambumon Verne: custom TKL keyboard


Not any more :sunglasses:


Stuffing the holes, ehhh?


Clean stabs, best stabs.


SA Nautilus is waiting for a blue Verne.


I’ll try to take pics of it soon.


GMK Serika on Verne (Oblivion Grey)


Oof I need your keeb and your set.


Damn you @Zambumon, I had settled on getting a blue Verne with GMK Nautilus for the full Zambo experience, but now…


That looks really nice!


This looks beautiful! Would definitely be interested in this! I’ve just started looking for a tenkeyless and this really stood out to me.


Looks pretty nice, I must admit. Though I’d have probably preferred to have a slightly slimmer top bezel, but it looks cool nonetheless.


Top bezels are georgeous. Just look at the original Realforce and the new Realforce R2 side by side. R2 is plain and ugly.


Each to its own I guess :wink:


I wouldn’t say ugly. More just a little stale and unoriginal. The dated look of the 87u is why I love it so much and I can’t see R2 being that much better in terms of feel so it’s a pass from me. From what people are saying it’s pretty good though


The top bezel breaks the symmetry the board would have (in terms of the metal around the keycaps) and make the case less boring, at least for me. It also makes the side profile of this board cooler.


I like this a lot. Especially for newcomers to the keyboard community, it’s much less confusing to solder switches in a single layout board. I like to pretend I’m an advanced user, but I had to order a 7u wire to finish my HHKB layout for the spacebar stabilizer.

The color choices are great as well, one warm, one neutral and one cool. Perfect ***chef’s kiss :woman_cook:


Really wish there was a plate option to match the cases. I’ve got a few brass and stainless plates, but I’m still not a big fan of seeing the plate blinging between the keycaps. Please consider a black option.


I want to minimize QC issues, so I’m only offering brass, just like TX does.


brass can be made black… just sayin :sunglasses:


Honestly, I’d prefer to keep it exactly as I have planned: with sandblasted brass plates. Maybe for future runs I’ll explore other materials and finishing options, but not for this round.