Zambumon Verne: custom TKL keyboard


Is there by chance for split spacebar ? How about Bluetooth ?


No, layouts were the first thing I locked: standard ANSI and a 7.00U spacebar one (1.50 1.00 1.50 7U 1.50 1.00 1.50). I really really really dislike the idea of a split spacebar.
No, aside that the case is made out of aluminum and that the Bluetooth receiver would have signal issues, the least I want on my board is a Li-Po battery. Also, the PCB design was finished and we’re waiting for prototypes.


dont change this thing its so beautiful, lol. i like the simplicity of it not a bunch of options just pick a color and your getting all the options. Thats what i generally like not a base price plus 400$ in add ons/extras. mucks up the buys imo with to many parts and options going on.


Once I get the prototype PCBs I’ll update the OP, but here’s what I can confirm about Verne and are final:

  • Sand-blasted brass plate in either ANSI or WKL. Both plate options are fixed. The WKL one uses stepped caps lock.
  • PCBs designed by Wilba.
  • Three Color options will be offered:
    • Nautilus Blue
    • Jamón Red
    • Oblivion Grey


Thanks for the answer :slight_smile: I’m still interested in getting this board :slight_smile:


Has there been changes to the design, especially the top bezel? Seems kinda large imo.


No, the exterior design won’t change. I like it as it is and the top bezel is something I wanted on my board.

There only changes I’ve performed were on the plates (relief cuts, all of them under the blocked areas so they won’t be visible), and the daughterboard cavity (enlarged so people wouldn’t have issues when screwing it).


ah okay. Good luck with the development.


Nice looking TKL :smiley: Will the WKL version have blockers?


I really like how the design of the board is coming along. I don’t quite understand all the requests to remove the top bezel. It’s a design feature of the board that keeps it from being a too plain.


I agree, personally a fan of the top bezel :slight_smile:


Foreheads are a great look imo. This one isn’t even as big as other boards from this year!


Not for this round.


No worries - keeping it simple for ya is a good approach


So have you decided on doing a second round definitively?




Verne prototype PCBs should be arriving today :grin:


When Does It Start GB?


I’m allready clearing out stuff to make cash for this … I hope I get one


Prototype PCBs came in. Everything is as expected.