Zambumon Verne: custom TKL keyboard


I’m probably in on this. Still raffle as was discussed towards beginning of thread?


Fantastic work @Zambumon! Rounder TKL Cases and designs in general need to gain more popularity. I love that a design that you wanted to work for you ended up forming something very unique and clean that has us all drooling.


Hello world!

As I teased yesterday, the prototype PCBs for Verne have arrived and we could say they are alright because today I built one of the prototypes and I’m currently typing this post reply with Verne. So, at least in the design department, aside those issues the prototypes have which I’ve already addressed and talked with my factory about, both the PCB and cases are finished. However, I’m still waiting for some components, but so far everything is going according to plan.

Regarding the question that I get asked every day: The Group Buy

I still don’t want to get into specifics regarding the group buy when it will be done and how much the board will cost, and I understand that for most people this could be frustrating. I apologize for the inconviniences but I’d rather have people hating me now because I’m vague, than when I start the pre-order for this keyboard.

What I can definitely confirm is what I’ve already posted: limited run of aproximately 30 units (yes I know that this isn’t a lot of boards, but 30 keyboards what I believe I can manage properly and ship in a reasonable time, so that’s not going to change), the three color options, and the two fixed plates.

I can also confirm that I don’t plan to do Verne as a one-time thing (heck, I’ve even teased a Nautilus Nightmares’ version!). I’m aware that there’s reasonable demand for this board, but again, it’s just that I want to make sure that everyone getting this boards gets something I’d also want to own.

PD: if you are in Frankurt, you’ll be able to see Verne in action on November 3rd at Mechanicon Meetup in Frankfurt, Germany on November 3rd! MECHANICON is back!


Just realised you are in EU :blush:
So in for a kit considering there will not be any customs charges (I’m in EU also)

Too bad I can’t go to the Frankfurt meeting :frowning: … be sure to post lots of pics …


Hey Zambumon do you have any sample peice of the red?


I will.


Is it possible to ship to Korea?


I don’t think there would be any problems to ship it to Korea. It will be expensive, tho.


@Zambumon will you ship from Germany?




Whenever it happens, I’m in. Period. Not a difficult decision.


Is the PCB gonna be compatible with mill max sockets or holtites? I’m interested if it can be made hotswappable :slight_smile:


It should be compatible with holtites.


Nice, compatibility with these should also be possible if holtites would work i guess :

Correct me if I’m wrong :slight_smile:


OP revamped. :smiley:


Is the IC the means of entering the raffle, or is that done separately?


Kind of, because this very same form will be used when the GB starts.


@Zambumon can I get an invoice for the keeb? :star_struck:


A wild Jamón Red Verne has appeared!

Looks great with Chocolatier too.


if i manage to get one i think ill be going red thats beautiful.