Zambumon Verne: custom TKL keyboard


Wow, nice in red. With Jamón keycap set would be the TKL of the year. Well for me anyway.


No White or Silver??


How much is shipping cost to South Korea?



Last time I checked it was around 60 EUR. All packages will be tracked and insured.


oh… good.

I will participate, saying that shipping is possible to Korea including shipping cost.


There are some countries where shipping is very problematic, like Brazil or Russia, because of their customs, and shipping when they arrive to the country. South Korea shouldn’t be a problem.


This keyboard kit looks extremely good, can’t wait for the raffle!


any idea when the raffle will be?


When everything is sorted out. Don’t worry, I will announce it with enough time.


That blue one with GMK TA90 (Triumph Adler) coming later this year… perfection!


Where will it be announced? I was watching this for a bit and am also interested aswell