GMK symbiote shipping time

Essentially, I am thinking of pulling the trigger on my first gmk set, gmk symbiote off of oblotzky. But what I am am most worried about it whether it will actually ship q3 2022, or will it be like every other gmk set and ship many months later.

I think vendors are providing the most accurate date that they can based on what they’re been told by GMK. I think the issue is that said information from GMK tends to be… optimistic about shipping dates (when they actually get updates). I know this is everyone’s favorite dead horse but the situation seems to be pretty complex. I hope for the sake of the hobby that the current state shifts somehow soon.

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Alright then. I think I’ll get it, and if it takes 2 yrs to arrive it’ll be a lesson well learnt.

It will probably ship later.

But Drop + MiTo GMK Serenity Custom Keycap Set - Base Kit | Mechanical Keyboards | Keycaps | Custom Keycaps
Is going to ship out next month if it’s close enough for you

Hmm, i did look at serenity, that might be a better choice, but now im torn inbetween serenity and gmk botanical 2

Botanical have the same waiting time as symbiote

Considering Omnitype’s update page for symbiote is showing only 1/4 of the color samples are approved (and they haven’t yet received a second round of samples 3 months later) I’d say it’s going to run well past the estimate of September. Botanical 2 is more likely to ship “on time” since they don’t need color matching but I’d note that the estimate for that has been pushed from Q3 to October already.