GMK Tokyo Nights

Okay, it’s cool and all, but is anyone else worried about the purple on black? I mean, violet tendencies looks very low contrast to me.

The purple on black will be hard to see.

Named Tokyo Night…
No Hiragana Sub Legends (or primary legends)…
:thinking: how about no.

Would have been better named Hyper Night or something like that.


If the mods are anything like VT they will be completely unreadable :stuck_out_tongue: I have accepted that I have a keyboard with nice white and purple alpha’s and blank mods :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve read that somewhere else. :neutral_face:

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Agreed, can’t name it after a Japanese city & have no Japanese characters available! Although even with a Hiragana kit it wouldn’t be enough to make me bite. I don’t know exactly what it is but I really do not like how this colorway looks.

Yep, feels like they really missed the mark on this one. No way those legends show up on the modifiers.


Not only are the mods barely readable, but there are no Japanese legends included, even though it is called Tokyo Nights. This is an easy pass for me.