GMK Velo

GH IC Page

That’s gonna be a “yes” from me, dawg.


If nothing else I’ll get a couple of those novelty kits because that crank key is rad AF

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Wait, aren’t these just TRD racing colors?


I guess Peugeot has an extra color

Novelties are A+ tho


tbh yesterday i went straight to the novelties, i just went back and looked at the base kit and wow is that hideous.

The “perfection guaranteed” ad parody they’ve got on they’ve got on there is something too, I actually had one of those old peugot bikes way back in high school (although I’m not that old it was still vintage by then) and it was…not great. I also have a hard time thinking this set would look good on any board like they say with that big ass strip of red and orange on it, that seems hard to match to.

In conclusion this gonna be no for me dawgs (except the novelties probably, I wish they were all white to use on other keyboards)

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Agreed, the color strip on the base kit looks horrible. I would love the novelties though.

Can’t say how much I appreciate some folks being genuine and honest and not just saying everything looks amazing all the time and buying it. Thank you all. (I know it’s subjective, but say what you like! Don’t just follow the hype) </end soapbox>


I really like it! Different people different tastes, I guess