GMK vs KBDfans stabilizers?

I’m about to build my first custom keyboard, the KBDfans 19x. I’ve heard a lot about how the stabilizers included in the KBDfans kits are not very good, so I’m considering ordering some GMK stabs.

What I want to know is how bad are they? Will I regret it if I decide not to get the upgrade?
Also, I’d like to build it with a 6u spacebar, but I can’t seem to find 6u GMK stabs in stock anywhere. Is it possible to mod a 7u or 6.52u stab by cutting the wire?

Can I use the wire from the KBDfans stabs I got with the GMK ones?

Are there any other alternatives out there?

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Yes, you’d very much regret it. The way to modify a 7u wire actually isn’t clipping it - it’s by bending some of the wire. I can show you one of my 6u wires in my 1800 if you’d like to mimic it. It might also be a good idea to ask some of the people who have boards like TKC1800s, as if they already owned an 1800, they likely had one of the winkey ones with the terrible layout and 6u bar. Also ask TKC themselves, as they poached a lot of them.

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Thanks for the tip. I think I already saw some pics of those bent wires, but didn’t know what I was looking at, so now I have a rough idea of what to do, but if you could share a closeup pic of yours that would be awesome!

If the KBDfans 19x can be ordered with a 6u spacebar stabilizer, swapping the wire out into Cherry/GMK stabilizers would probably be the easiest way. Although I doubt they have 6u stabs as those are pretty rare with Cherry style stabs, even knockoffs AFAIK. There is always bending a 7u wire to make it work, but I would highly suggest getting a tool like this cheaper jig for doing that.

Yeah, the product page says it comes with all three stab sizes, but I looked in the box yesterday and it actually came with only the 7u and 6.25u wires :frowning:

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Thats a drag, kinda to be expected though. I think it would be pretty easy to bend the 7u wire what size you need with that jig I linked. Then just cut the excess offwith flush cutters. Keep up updated if you do decide to make a 6u stab.