GMMK ISO coming

Just saw this:

I realize this is probably beneath the level of stuff most people on here are using, but might still be of interest to someone.

I was waiting for this back when I first got into mechanical keyboards, if they came out with it back in december or earlier, I would be all over it.

Now a few months later, I’ve got parts for one and a half custom builds coming in over the next month or so, so I’m not that interested anymore …

I might still get a barebones one later, just to be able to easily try out different switches on a full board before commiting to a soldered build.

Would prefer a CTRL or Hexgears Gemini in ISO though, but that probably ain’t never gonna happen so this is the next best thing…

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If it still features hot swap sockets, there is still some novelty in it. Having it for a switch testing board has its uses.

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Huh, neat.

Yeah, hotswap is a must, otherwise I have no use for it now… I’m pretty sure it’ll be hotswap, though

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I’d say this is pretty huge for the simple fact that hotswap boards in ISO are pretty damn rare. If it’s cheap enough it might be worth getting just to have one.

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The problem I had with the GMMK I had, when just using it for switch testing, is that it doesn’t accept 5-pin switches, necessitating clipping the legs off of PCB mount examples… That sucks when you decide you love those and go to solder them in and want to not have to align every switch manually, or if you decide you don’t like them and want to sell them.

Basically, buy a tofu hot swap from (if you want nice enough along with cheap-ish), a Rama M60-A if you’re a hotswap baller, or a kira 96 key off of kono store (despite that people think I slammed it hard in my review of it, it has its place) if you need most all the keys. There are plenty of other options out there, and some of them are good/bad in their own way, but the lack of 5-pin support along with how rattly the GMMK is… I dunno, I can’t stand it.

Their wrist rests are cool if you have black rubber domed crap keebs at work, and don’t want to leave something nice unsecured. I also like that they have massive deskmats. I got a Mionix Alioth recently, and would’ve gotten the GMMK mat instead if I knew about it then (it’s cheaper)


NICE, ISO LIGHT AHEAD :heart_eyes:

I hope that this - and future revs of the GMMK - have support for PCB-mount switches.

Ouch, I didn’t realise it doesn’t support pcb mount switches, that’s pretty bad :confused:

Thing is, none of the alternatives you mentioned have ISO. The only other hotswap ISO option I know of is this:

I’m not even sure that one is going to be available again, plus I prefer larger format boards.