Going to be getting a job soon and gonna finally have the money to build a keyboard (im new, first post)

gmmk pro, nk creams, and a sakura keycap set from kprerepublic
im gonna let the nk creams break in before i lube them
should i film them too? ive heard mixed opinions on whether i should or not
i just wanna make this keyboard P e r f e c t


I think it looks fine! One thing I might change are the creams. They really take a LONG time to break in without a machine (still tedious with one) and I’m still breaking them in from 2 weeks ago. I’m thinking 1 - 2 months using my method of a plate as a foot pedal to even get them to reasonable smoothness. Don’t think I have to film my creams but you might wanna consider changing the switches if you don’t have a month or two to break them in.

Welcome & grats on getting the job! That sounds like a great first build to tinker around with. The GMMK Pro is a pretty good beginner board since not only is it hotswap which will let you try out any switch you want easily. It also has plates available in many different materials so you can get an ideal of plate materials you prefer. The only big drawback I’ve heard of with the GMMK Pro is they didn’t really cutout enough material in the case halves for the gaskets to do much of anything. It is a very stiff board from what I’ve heard. Again though typing softness all comes down to preference, you may like stiff boards over soft or flexy ones.

For the switches I’m not a huge believer in “breaking in” switches, but it can’t hurt anything so that’s up to you. As for filming I wouldn’t bother, Creams are very tight switches that will only fit the thinnest of films. Even with the thinnest films they’ll have issues sitting in a plate properly. So I’d say a no go on films because the board is hotswap. If you have any other questions feel free to ask. We are much more welcoming & willing to answer oft heard questions here compared to say r/mk or GeekHack. Anyways good luck with the build & hope to see some pics of it here soon!


Keychron as an alternative and they come with nice PBT keycaps out of the box




If linear is what your after, I’d encourage you to check out the gateron oil King switches. I’m not really a linear switch fan but these oil kings seem to be really well received by the community.

I would just say, don’t get hung up too much trying to make it perfect right away. The important part IMO is getting a hotswap board (so you can try different switches) that is programmable (so you can try different keymaps and move keys around if necessary). Maybe assemble it stock without modding the keyboard and use it for a few hours/days, maybe even try the switches unlubed. Then after the initial new-keyboard high wears off you can start modding/tuning and experience that feeling all over again!

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i mean, i’ve been into rhythm games for years and play pretty high level mania, prob would help break them in faster :stuck_out_tongue:

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I agree. I am just shy of a year in the hobby so still pretty new. I got my first board, a tofu65, and lubed and filled my switches like I read I was supposed to do. I got a pc plate because softer typing is better. I got linears because that is what all the streamers I was watching used. I got lighter springs because, again, streamers were using them.

Now almost a year later I have found:

  • I can’t tell the difference between filmed and non-filmed switches. I hate filming, so I stopped.
  • with some switches (especially tactiles) I can’t tell the difference between fully lubed switches and spring/side rail only lubed switches. But, I actually find lubing switches relaxing so I still fully lube.
  • I later bought a sandwich mount board with an alu plate and discovered I actually prefer a stiffer typing feel.
  • I prefer tactiles, the bigger the bump the better.
  • I just bought 100g springs to try out because I am finding I am blowing through the lighter springs. I figured for fun I would go to the other extreme and then figure out where my middle ground is.

So I agree with huhsh. Build your new board and enjoy it right away, without worrying too much. Then start to make changes and figure out your preference.

Or go in fully and do all the mods you want at the start. Everyone is different and enjoys this hobby in a different way. That is what is great about it.