Gold springs?



Do you guys think that gold plated springs offer a significant benefit to their steel counterparts? Looks aren’t that much of a factor since you can’t see them. I am currently searching / buying parts for my upcoming project.

Thanks in advance.


for me there are two main reasons for using GOld springs.

One, they corrode less due to their coating. this isnt a problem in the short term but can be in some environments over time. I’ll likely never see the impact of corrosion anyway but its nice to have that comforting knowledge.

Secondly I feel that they reduce ping better than steel springs - especially once lubed. THis is again a perosnal preference and may be partially placebo.

The upshot is I nearly always swap springs from switches - rarely retaining the original


Thanks for the insights


On one hand, I think it’s mostly perception. On the other hand, if I have the option for gold springs versus normal ones for a minimal amount of $ more… then I’m getting gold springs :laughing:


I’m the same way. Sometimes I’ll rock the stock springs like I did with my 68g Holy Skies since I think it’s mostly a perception thing between S.S. & G.P. springs as well. Although if I’m buying aftermarket springs they’re damn sure gonna be gold plated! :rofl:


Deam you guys always get me to spend more money :persevere: :crazy_face:


Absolutely no functional difference. Its for the bling factor only


They’re completely useless.