Green Powdercoat matching (Science)

Okay, so bear with me. This one was involved

I have a new green iPhone and I bought an Apple brand green silicone case for it. I really like the color of green on that case and I’ve been looking to find a good match for it. Ended up ordering all of the green swatches that were in the ballpark from Prismatic Powders.

I documented my search in case it could help someone else to gain some green insight. Of course, I can’t precisely show you the colors because so much depends upon lighting and camera equipment and skills, but I’ve included some reference objects in case you have them on hand for comparison.

Pardon the image quality because I haven’t used this camera in quite some time, but I couldn’t take a photo of my phone with my phone :exploding_head:

Here you can see that the phone and the case are two different colors. The phone color itself is hard to capture because of the matte effect of the glass on the back. The true green of the phone is easier to see in the square around the cameras.

It’s a really nice green phone, but I actually prefer the green of the case. The case is called Eucalyptus Green. It’s a bit more muted and cool in color than the darker “Alpine Green” iPhone.

So here is my setup:

These are the swatches and keycaps I have for consideration. There are a few swatches that look slightly different at an angle, but the only one I would toss out of the equation would be Ocala copper:

These photos were taken in sunlight on a very cloudy day. The expsure is a bit on the dark side, making some of the color detail harder to see. For comparison, I took the darkest 3 greens inside and got the best photo I could:

And yes, Hunter Green and RAL 6005 are virtually indistinguishable in person under all lighting.

Everything at once:

TLDR: I ended up going with “Gutter Green” for my favorite of all. It’s extremely close to the iPhone case. The color is soft and warm and calming to me. I really liked Green Bean as well, but it wasn’t what I set out for. I hope to get a board powdercoated in gutter green some day! I don’t know that I would necessarily put Botanical on it, but it would certainly match well.

And here are a few other things I found along the way:


I liked the red part.

Jokes aside, that’s quite a bit of greenery there. My favorite is the Agave Forest one - dark green just has a sweet spot in my heart.


Yes, dark green has certainly made a splash lately. The only green board I had ever seen in the past was an anodized green klippe… which I bought quite a few years ago. But it wasn’t really a sophisticated green… more of a flashy green:

Now there are a ton of new boards coming in nice dark greens. It’s truly a good time for green lovers :slight_smile:


Man, I’m tempted to do this with blue, but holy smokes… it would probably take me at least a week. There’s no telling how many sets of blue I have at this point… I would venture to say something around 100 or more… and I have at least 20 swatches from cerakote and prismatic powders in blue as well.

Perhaps some day.

I love that you have so many green swatches and that I’m a part of it!

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You know, that JTK Zen set might look pretty sweet.

Ah, another green set that I don’t own. Don’t tempt me. And yes, Jadeite as well. There were so many in-stock sets around when extras came out. I’m generally not the biggest fan of JTK though.

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Oh boy, I recognize a bunch of these swatches from when I ordered a couple dozen of them a few years ago. I still haven’t actually gotten any of my boards powder coated though, I got custom ano on the one I wanted green instead.

You may also want to order some cerakote swatches, they aren’t as freakishly fast as prismatic but I’m fairly sure they’re free.


Ha. I was confused b/c I have most of those same ones and my bathroom counter kinda looks like that. I thought you posted a photo I had taken. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Lol, that’s just the only place in my apartment where I can take good photos under really bright lights that I can control the color of. Not that I know how to use my camera properly for that to matter.


This is really cool documentation, Pixel! Neat idea and journey :).

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I’m always on the look out for green boards but never know how to find them, mind sharing some of those coming? has the ahgase in green that is the same color as botanical mods. It’s been in the works for a long time but the prototype is finally finished.

Most of the matrix boards usually offer a green, and they’re due for another group buy soonish

Maybe be on the lookout for onyx extras. That was a really nice green. Extras should be selling in the next month.

XOX70 FRL TKL just went into group buy today. It has a green option.

I feel like green is becoming more popular so surely you’ll find a board sooner than later. I’ve never found one the perfect color, so that’s why I took time to get a color in case an opportunity arises to have one custom made. :slight_smile:

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I’d also add the kbdfans occasionally does a nice dark green anodization on some of their aluminum boards. Also, the green from the Carolina Mech palmetto (which I think they’re bringing back for the fossil) was a near perfect match for GMK Camping.

ETA: kbdfans 5° in green

I don’t really have a good pic of this board on hand but as far as I know they’ve used this same color for subsequent green anodization runs.

Is that a camping and coniferous mixup?

Yeah :smiley: I normally have the inverse (coniferous alphas and camping mods) on my southpaw so I mixed the leftovers on this board. The greens don’t quite match but I think it’s a good combo anyway

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