Greetech Sunset Switch Review

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After a few weeks of less than normal content we are officially back to the bog standard, way too long switch reviews that you’ve all come to know and love. However, the Greetech Sunsets are certainly not just a standard switch from the outside looking in as they are simultaneously a first for Greetech and a last for keyboard peripherals vendor 415Keys. Are these Sunsets a fitting send off for 415Keys, the start of something bigger with Greetech, or somewhere in between those two?

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As always, thank you all for the continued love and support. I can’t believe its already basically summer here in Ohio, so I’m going to go enjoy a weekend outside for once!

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Pretty much what I was expecting from my previous experiences with Greetech switches. My guess is that they went with Greetech to produce a custom switch cause 415 was already hurting financially & using Greetech’s existing molds probably made the production run crazy cheap. They then recieved the switches & found out they were far, far below the quality most enthusiasts are looking for nowadays so they sat on them. Now that they are closing for sure they put them up on their site to recoup something from them. The OG LED/diode pass through is what tips me off that Greetech’s existing molds were used. As I haven’t seen that type of passthrough for a very long time in any other manufacturer’s switches. Plus I’m gonna go out on a limb guessing Greetech hasn’t even so much as retooled their molds for their MX switches given they are very rarely if ever used even in cheap Chinese OEM boards. Accounting for the subpar quality. Anyways awesome review as usual Goat!


Thanks for the interesting read, as always, Goat.

Sad to hear 415 is on they way out; I remember them as early adopters / pioneers in the realm of softer plastics that are now commonplace. The first UHMWPE (does anyone still use that moniker?) stems I ever got were from them, same goes for POM plates.